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ESCC Evaluation Qualification of High Voltage Cable Assembly
Company : Teledyne
Start TRL 2
Targeted TRL 6
Start date
August 2014
End date September 2016
High voltage cable assemblies are required for spacecraft electric propulsion system as well as for many
scientific missions.
As there are no high voltage cable assemblies in the current EPPL, the procurement of these products is quite
complicated as the equipment approach, often applied, requires many reviews (PDR, CDR, TRR, etc.) of
documentation (DCL, DPL, DML, worst case analysis, etc.); in addition, the unavailability of non-dependable,
qualified and “easy-to-handle” HV CA leads to significant restrictions in system design, in spacecraft design and
in AIT.
During this activity, new design and/or new technologies will be developed to meet the
requirements for HV Cable assembly for space applications. Finally an ESCC
evaluation/qualification will be carried out.
Work Logic
Market survey – Evaluation test report - Qualification test report - PID, ESCC detail spec, EPPL EAF Recommendation for users (derating, mounting capability)
Electrical Propulsion, TWTA, etc.
Further Activities
Non Space Application
Source Reference Report