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By: Mr. D
A special thanks to D for making these slides
What is Hinduism?
•One of the oldest religions (3,500-5,000
years ago)
•Major religion in South Asia (India)
Supreme Being/Energy
• Many deities but a single, shapeless spirit-force: are they monotheist or
Brahma the Creator
Vishnu the Preserver
Shiva the Destroyer
Path to Salvation
• Dharma: a persons calling and or duty.
Barrack Obama is president, he should be the best president possible
You are a student, you should put your mind and energy to being the
best student possible
SpongeBob is a sponge, he should be the best sponge possible while being
Path to Salvation
• Karma: actions have a positive or negative ripple effect over time
Path to Salvation
Reincarnation: a cycle of death and rebirth in different forms.
Until we reach a point of balance, we are doomed to do this over and over.
Moksha: ultimate freedom from reincarnation cycle
a state of harmony with Brahma
• The four major sects of Hinduism differ in how they seek
to achieve Moksha
Hindu Ceremonies and Rituals
• While Hindus have temples, most Hindu worship
is done at home
• Puja: a votive offering to a deity
Poetry, Song, Dance, Meditation and Yoga are all
parts of Hindu worship
Mantra: repeated phrase in Hindu meditation
Rituals and Ceremonies
While Hindus often worship at home, they do have large festivals, like
Hindu Sacred Texts
• Vedas: contain knowledge of the world
• Upanishads: wisdom stories
Code of Conduct
The Yamas- ten restraints (things to avoid), ten practices (things you should do)
Truthfulness always
Slander and deceit never
Mouth working with heart
Hey fix your mistakes!
Give it up, deny yourself
Karma says do it