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Challenge #1: Knowledge Challenge
Over View
Where did the Aztec’s live?
The Aztec’s lived
In the part of the
Map that is red.
Do you know
What that area
Is known as
This area is
Known today as
The Aztec’s
Were the
People group
Located in
Mexico by A.D.
1500. In 1325,
The Aztecs built
This city!
Became one of
The largest cities
In the world.
Aztecs were known…
 For their fierce war tactics. In this way, they
protected the trade routes that ran through
Mexico between what is now known as Central
America and the United States.
 Human sacrifice. The Aztecs believed human
sacrifice was important because it provided
blood offerings. These blood offerings kept the
gods happy and the world running smoothly.
 Enemies caught in battle would be brought to
the Great Temple where they would be offered
to the god of Xipe Totec (spirit of new growth).
Who is Hernando Cortez
and King Montezuma?
Hernando Cortez
King Montezuma
Hernando Cortez
 A Spanish conquistador (soldier, adventurer,
explorer for Spain)
 Landed in Mexico in 1519
 Along with the assistance of Spanish soldiers and
allies defeated the Aztecs and took control of
the city of Tenochtitlan.
 He destroyed the Great Temple of Tenochtitlan.
King Montezuma
 The 9th king of the Aztec Empire
 The first Aztec King to meet the Spanish
conquistadores from Spain.
 Reigned from 1502- 1520
 Killed during the first part of the conquest of
 During his reign of the Aztec people, he divided
common people (workers) from wealth (nobles)
and grew the empire to its largest point.
Mexico- Aztec survivors?
The Aztec people
Were defeated by
Cortez and his
Soldiers, however there
Are a few million indigenous
Persons who survived.
These people still live in
Mexico today, and speak
A language similar to that
Of the Aztecs known as
There are still
A few million
Of the Aztecs
Living in Mexico
Today, and
They still
Speak a
Variation of the
Original Aztec