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Phylum Porifera
Who lives under a pineapple under the sea?
Not Sponges!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Characteristics of Sponges
 Lives in in aquatic environments, mostly marine environments
 They don’t have any organs
 Has no nervous system
 All are filter feeders
 Reproduce sexually or asexually
 Osculum
 Colar cell
 Pore cell
 Spicules
 Mesenchyme is a gel layer around the outside
 Cells absorb nutrients
 Their holes which water passes through
 Green Algae can attach to them and give them nutrients
 Capture small crustaceans and cells will begin digestion
 They can not pursue their food
 Their cells breath for them
 Water improves the breathing as well
 Pores of sponges absorb the water
 Starts the breathing process
 Water travels through the pores
 Oxygen containing water must travel throughout the sponge
Internal Transport
 Pores let water travel through body
 No blood (circulatory system)
 It’s all water based
 Simple Diffusion
 O2 take from water
 CO2 released into water
 Gas expels into the surrounding water and kills the waste
 Using its pores helps kill waste
 No urinary system
 It uses carbon dioxide
 They smell bad because of nitrogen substances
 Chemical defenses
 Carbon dioxide
 Nitrogen
 Needle –like spicules
 Regeneration
 Sessile (do not move)
 They sway in the water but very slowly
 The water causes movement
 When their young they move around m0re
 Adult sponges don’t have to because of defenses
Asexual Reproduction
Pieces of sponges regenerate into a new one
Sexual Reproduction
Male sponge would release a sperm into the water then
it goes to the female sponge
Examples of sponges
.Glass Sponges
.Calcareous Sponges
.Chicken Liver
.Black-ball sponge
 They lack tissues, neurons and a gut
 They can regenerate themselves
 Sponges can contain 16,000 other animals inside of it
 They are being used to find a cure for cancer
 A new type of sponge is found every year.
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