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The Galactic Center
By JoAnn Stoneberg
February 17, 2006
The Galactic Center (GC) is a very vast and powerful entity in the universe. It is where, I
believe, all things come from and all things end up. It seems to be the main focal point of
everything that we know of, past present and future.
The GC is the center of our Milky Way Galaxy and is located at 26 degrees, 52 minutes
of Sagittarius. It is 13 – 15 billion years old, has over 100 billion stars, is 100,000 light
years in diameter and takes approx 250 million years to orbit the sun.
In regards to astrology and using it in the natal chart, I believe we have to be careful with
how we view this in a persons chart. Why? Because the GC is where we are connected
to, it is what makes up the bulk of who we are and why. It is very private and personal
and as such should be taken with great care when we bring this aspect into a person’s
natal chart.
It is something that is to be respected and honored, not to be toyed with or experimented
with. It just is.
With Pluto currently transiting the GC, it is like the GC is shining all of its power onto
and through Pluto and then onto our universe. Its like all of a sudden the lights have
come on and not everyone likes what they see.
Uranus and Neptune being in each others signs Pisces and Aquarius, respectively, shows
us that this is where the are needing to be. It is like they need to understand each other so
they can report back to Pluto with all the goings on that have been taking place on earth.
With Uranus in Pisces and Neptune in Aquarius, it is bringing to light all of the collective
spiritual and religious groups, what they mean to each other, and their purpose in life.
With most thinking they are better than the rest and that their way is the right way. With
Pluto shining its light on this rather intense time, it is trying to change, evolve and teach
all of these spiritual and religious groups that we are really all one in the same.
However, as always, change is difficult, especially on this scale.
To find some answers I believe we need to look at the feminine side of things, the GC
after all being like and looking like the Vagina of the Universe. In noticing events
around the globe, there is a stronger female presence than there has been for centuries.
So if we look at only the placement of the outer planets, and the aspects to the 4 goddess
asteriods, Juno, Vesta, Athena and Ceres I believe here is where we will find some
answers and feminine strength in our lives.
JoAnn Stoneberg, Astrologer
403-462-4807 [email protected]