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The Astrology of the World We Live In
The term, ‘Mundane Astrology’ comes from the Latin word ‘mundus’, meaning ‘the world.’
It includes the astrology of the past, present and future of:
 Nations, States and Cities
 Politics, Elections, Rebellions, Coups etc
 World Leaders and Figureheads
 World Events such as the Olympics
 Extreme Natural and Weather Events
Nations have horoscopes just as individual do and these horoscopes represent the
character of the people and the political, social, economic, health and education
circumstances of the nation. We can also study these charts to understand
current events and to forecast future trends.
In the workshop, we’ll explore:
 the meanings of the planets, signs and houses in Mundane charts
 charts of Australia, USA, China, and other countries, including their leaders.
 the charts of recent major events such as the Haiti and Chile quakes.
 implications for the world leading up to 2012 and beyond
Saturday 27th March
9am to 4pm
$90 ~ byo lunch
6/7 Glorious Way, Forest Lake
(07) 3372 3093
[email protected]