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Washington’s Domestic Affairs Questions
1. Explain the importance that Washington placed
on precedents.
2. What were some of the early actions taken in
government by Washington’s administration?
3. How did Washington deal with the Native
American problems? What was the result of the
Battle of Fallen Timbers?
4. What two parties would emerge from the
differences between Hamilton and Jefferson?
5. Why did the Whiskey Rebellion occur? How did
Washington respond to it?
6. What things did Washington warn of in his
farewell address?
Washington’s Foreign Affairs Questions
(May Require Textbook)
1. What precedent did Washington set about getting
involved in foreign quarrels? Why would that be
2. What controversy surrounded Edmond Genet?
3. Explain the various challenges that the United
States had with Great Britain? How did George
Washington handle those problems?
4. What was the importance of Jay’s Treaty? How
did Jay’s Treaty influence relations with France?
5. What was the importance of Pinckney’s Treaty
with Spain?
Alexander Hamilton, Economic Prophet Questions
1. How did Alexander Hamilton have an influence on bringing
the United States to the modern era economically?
2. How did Alexander Hamilton become Secretary of Treasury
after humble beginnings in the Caribbean?
3. What impact did Hamilton have on creating a capitalist
4. Why was Alexander Hamilton so important to Washington’s
presidency? What things would he help accomplish?
5. How would European economies influence Hamilton’s vision
for the economy of the United States?
6. Why did Hamilton decide not to credit the original owners of
bonds bought during the Revolution? What principle did this
set for securities trading in the United States?
7. How did Hamilton shift people’s allegiances from state
governments to the federal government?
8. Explain Hamilton’s view of a national debt.
9. What effect would Hamilton’s Report on Public Credit have
on the nation?
How did James Madison oppose Hamilton?
What did Hamilton have to do in order to get southern
delegates to accept his assumption plan?
How did passage of the assumption plan increase power
of the federal government?
What legacy did Alexander Hamilton leave on the
United States?