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A Tin Roof For The Roof For The Rain
The pieces on this recording represent the playing and compositions of musicians at
a particular point in time, for beyond the introduction of themes the music is
spontaneous, in keeping with the African-American tradition.
By its very nature it is music of the moment. Why record at all then? Well, it’s fun to
do, it’s a great learning experience, it is an historical record which helps us to
understand where we came from, where we are now and possibly where we are
going. There is also the possibility that listeners are as distinct from players may
want to enjoy the experience more than once!
The pieces were chosen for their melodic and harmonic material and thus their
potential for variation and ins some cases development. They come from a diversity
of minds and styles, from the talented young pianist/composer Tim Stevens who is
rich with musical languages, to Leonard Bernstein's marvelous “Somewhere”, to
pieces by Rob and myself.
The title of the CD comes from the late John Sangster who once wrote in a
memorable letter. “G’day luv, have just bought meself a little Queenslander with a tin
roof for the rain...” His ingenious turns of phrase, were like his playing, full of
surprises and quirks yet always beautiful and humanly musical. I hope some of this
attitude can be heard here.
Tony Gould