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By Sierra Burnett,
What Makes a Bird What It Is?
They are characterized by feathers. a beak with no teeth, the laying of
hard-shelled, a four-chambered heart, and a lightweight skeleton
Appearance and Body Plan
They have beaks, feathers, and have a symmetrical body plan.
Structure and Importance of Their
Feathers have thin fibers that attach and separate from
each other.
Feather are used for insulation, flight control, and are
sometimes used by birds to attract mates.
when do scientists think birds first
150 million years ago.
Describe The Earliest Birds
Archaeopteryx is said to be the first bird and is
the size of a raven.
How Do Scientists Think Birds Have
Evolved Over Time?
Scientists believe that birds are related to theropod dinosaurs (two –
legged carnivores) like Deinonychus, and the “Jurassic bird”
What Adaptations Did Birds Evolve
That Enabled Them To Fly?
Methods OF Finding Food & Eating
• The method of finding food varies by species.
Many birds “glean” for insects, fruit, or seeds.
Birds that eat nectar like humming birds have
brushy tongues and a long beak to reach into
the flowers to get the nectar.
• “Glean”---to pick up small amounts of
Body Temperature Control
Digestive System
Respiratory System
Circulatory System
Excretory System
Nervous System & Responses/Senses
Reproductive System & Methods Of
Describe & Give Examples Of The
Groups Of Birds
Pelicans & Their Relatives
Birds Of Prey
Perching Birds
Cavity-Nesting Birds
Herons & Their Relatives
Ostriches & Their Relatives
Birds are found everywhere
that can sustain life.
People ,Hawks, owls, falcons, raccoons,
house cats, dogs, snakes, roadrunners,
Crows, Jays, Grackles, Cowbirds, Squirrels &
chipmunks. t5hey are all predators of birds.
Adaptations To Avoid Predators
Population Trends
What Environmental Threats Are
They Susceptible To?
Current Research On Birds
5 summaries of current stories of
Birds or Bird populations