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"Tell me and I will forget.
Show me and I will remember.
Involve me and I will understand."
Chinese Proverb
What is Drama and
why do we offer it
here at Hillcrest?
 Drama
provides an outlet for students to
express their emotions, thoughts and
dreams. A student can, if only for a few
moments, become another person, explore a
new role, or try something new in an
environment that encourages those risks and
creativity. Learning Drama can build
Drama is a display of emotions, a
representation of relationships and the
portrayal of the different phases of human
life. Dramas can be plays that are
performed for theater, radio or television.
 Drama
is the Process
Basic Acting/Auditioning Skills
Voice & Articulation Exercises
Stages & Stage Movement
 Theatre
is the Product.
Live Theater
The result of all your hard work!
 Live
theater has three requirements. What
are they? Brainstorm ideas!
Performance Space
 Broadway
is the theatre district in New York
City. It houses 39 theatres with each
theatre seating approximately 500 guests
each performance. Broadway is considered
to be the highest level of professional
theatre in America.
 What
do you need when planning for a live
performance? Brainstorm ideas!
A story/Script
Stage Decorations/Set Design/Props
 You
are preparing to go to your first audition.
What is the first thing you must do to get
* Take Acting Classes/Develop your craft
* Hire an agent and get a headshot!