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Executive Orders
Establishing the Texas Rapid Response Program.
.WHEREAS, Texas has had a strong and healthy business climate as a result of the historic partnership between
the public and private sector; and
WHEREAS, the increasingly competitive national and internatibnal markets are forcing a major reorganization
of the Texas economy; and
WHEREAS, this restructuring will inevitably result in obsolescence of workers' skills, industrial technologies,
and. business practices; and .
WHEREAS, the State of Texas recognizes the need to develop the capability to respond immediately to unexpected dislocation and to assist businesses, workers, and communities in planning for long-term readjustment
and economic diversification;
NOW, THEREFORE, 1', Mark White, Govempr.of Texas, under the authority vested in me,.do hereby create
and establish the Texas Rapid Response Team, hereafter referred to as the TEAM.
3 ' k T E A M will.consis~of representatives apponted by each of the following agencies with major responsibilities
for education, job trsunlng, employment servves, a n d e c o n o ~ ~ p m e r t t (a) the Texas Department of Community Affairs;
(b) the Texas Employment Commission;
(c) the Tex'h Education Agency;
(d) the Texas Economic Development Commission; ,
(e) the Texas Department of Human ,Resources.
Coordination of the TEAM will reside in the governor's Division of Economic Development. Meetings of the
TEAM will be called by the director of the governor's Division of Economic Development as needed. The governor's Task Force on the Advantement of Labor-Management Relations will serve in an advisory capacity to
the TEAM.
The TEAM is charged with the following responsibilities:
(a) to develop the state's capability t6 immediately respond to unexpected 'dislocation; and
(b) to coordinate existing services andresources at the local, state, and federal level; and
(c) to offer technical assistance such as exploring refinancing options and market expansions to assist distreyxd
businesses; and
(d) to minimize the economic, social, and personal costs that accompany major layoffs or plant closings; and
(e) to preserve jobs where possible, to retiain workers; and
(f) to help communities in planning for economic diversification and identifying potential business expansions.
All agencies of state and local governments are directed to cooperate with and assists the Texas Rapid Response
This.executiveorder shall be effective immediaikly and shall remain in full force and effect until mod'ified, amended,
or rescinded by me.
Issued in Austin, Texas, on March 14, 1985.
Mark White
Governor of Texas
Creating the Texas Conservation Corps.
WHEREAS, youth unemployment rates continue at more than twice the national average; and
WHEREAS, the State of Texas is committed to serving our young people by preparing them with the knowledge
and skills, and providing the opportunities to enter the work force as productive citizens; and
WHEREAS, the economy of Texas is healthy and growing, and the business and industrial community of our
state has a continuing need for qualified workers; and
WHEREAS, young citizens who are systematically excluded from economic participation and meaningful work
experience become a tragic waste of resources and a costly burden to our society; and
WHEREAS, the quality of life of the citizens of Texas is enhanced by the preservation, conservation, and development of our natural and historic resources; and
WHEREAS, I have designated the Texas Educational Foundation to be the administrative entity to oeerate the
Texas Conservation Corps; and
WHEREAS, I have appointed the Texas Conservation Corps Advisory Board composed of representatives of
business and industry, state agencies, and environmental groups who serve a t the pleasure of the governor, without
compensation or reimbursement of expenses, to provide policy guidance and private sector support for the program;
August 20, I985
Texas ReglPter