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Press release
Expert solution for energy efficiency and a feel-good climate
External venetian blinds: professional sun shading system seen
in a new light
Whether a construction project or private build, external venetian blinds are external
sun shading systems with slats that have been proving themselves in use for
decades. They determine the appearance of a building on the outside and the lighting
ambience on the inside. With intelligent sunlight management, they not only improve
the building's energy balance and increase the value of the property, but also improve
the quality of life for the occupants. Warema, the European market leader for technical
sun shading products, has an extensive selection of external venetian blinds for a
wide range of uses.
External venetian blinds are veritable multi-talents. They play an important role in creating a
feel-good ambience inside a building. By making the optimum use of natural daylight, they
positively influence the mood, performance and well-being of people. As glare protection and
for visual privacy, they protect against bright light and curious glances. At the same time,
they play an important role in increasing energy efficiency. In summer, they capture the
absorption warmth that comes with the sun's rays outside the window before they are able to
penetrate the glass and heat the room beyond it. This noticeably minimises unwanted solar
gain, and greatly reduces the cooling load to maintain a pleasant room temperature. The
added daylight can help to reduce the requirement for artificial light, which in turn can also
help to reduce energy costs.
Automatic control for maximum energy efficiency
The tremendous performance spectrum of external venetian blinds is utilised optimally with
intelligent controls. Warema offers various easy-to-use smart-home solutions for this
purpose. One of them is the highly functional Warema climatronic® 3.0. Warema climatronic®
WebControl allows the external venetian blinds and various home technology elements to be
controlled with complete ease by app. Once the required settings have been made, there is
no need for the users to lift a finger, since the Warema climatronic® 3.0 also controls the
various components independently and in conjunction with a weather sensor according to the
weather. One of its particular benefits in combination with Warema external venetian blinds is
the slat tracking according to the position of the sun, which automatically provides the right
incidence of light for the particular time of the day and year. Thus the control creates a
pleasant room climate with needs-based utilisation of the solar energy, which greatly
increases energy efficiency.
Safe in an emergency
Quickly finding the right escape route and leaving a building via glass doors and windows is
the main consideration in the event of an emergency. Warema external venetian blinds are
equipped with a battery-operated emergency set for this very purpose, and also have an
additional independent fail-safe drive. The external venetian blinds move up at a speed of
approximately one metre per second. This means that an external venetian blind that is three
metres high takes just three seconds to expose the escape route. The mechanism is
activated, for instance in the event of a power failure or fire, by smoke detectors and
manually by a button on the emergency switch. The battery-operated set also works
automatically via sensors. Once it has been activated, it is no longer possible to lower the
external venetian blind. The slats do not return to their starting positions until a reset button
has been pressed. This safety solution looks no different from the professional sun shading
system of the external venetian blinds, so the continuity of the building architecture is not
optically interrupted by emergency exits.
Blending with design and architecture
The effects of external venetian blinds not only positively influence the life of the building's
occupants, but as part of the façade can also enhance the looks of the building. The wide
range of products offered by Warema is notable for its individuality and attractive appearance
that can be perfectly matched to the architecture and style of a building. The colour range
includes natural shades of white, beige and grey to green, brown and blue, bronze, gold and
black. There are also various slats, cover panels, rails, cable guidance options and drives to
choose from and fulfil any requirement. As not every external venetian blind is suitable for
any installation situation, Warema also has designs for new buildings, refurbishments,
various façade designs, conservatories and for shading rooms of different usage, such as
bedrooms and living rooms or meeting rooms. And if required, the manufacturer is also
pleased to develop special solutions.
The most popular external venetian blind offered by Warema is the standard version of the
design with the 80-mm beaded slat. The company has now further optimised this product
component by component. A slender slat design and the optical enhancement of the main
components have resulted in an elegant look for this external venetian blind. Also new are
the cable guidance with an improved tilt angle and the high-grade two-point welding for the
guide pin, which greatly increases the quality. Warema has also improve the userfriendliness with the lowest cover panel heights and reduced incidence of light.
The results of all these improvements: the new external venetian blind 80 S.
Warema external venetian blinds
 Venetian blind façade systems can be seamlessly integrated as elements in almost any
façade. They are available as options from basic products to highly wind-stable designs.
They act as heat and glare protection and, with special slats, can also be used to dim-out.
 Metal system venetian blinds create an elegant appearance. Thanks to the special
construction of this system, the slats can be aligned even more precisely, which greatly
improves both dim-out and light utilisation. Furthermore, the slats require no perforation,
which prevents irritating light spots.
 Venetian blind window systems can be integrated unobtrusively or as visible elements
in the façade. They easily fulfil the increasing heat protection requirements, and are
available not only with classic guide profiles, but also with slender cable guidance or a
combination of cable and guide rails.
 Front-mounted external venetian blinds are available with rectangular, half-round,
square or built-in cover panels. Insect screens can also easily be integrated.
Furthermore, solar drive can be added at any time, since no line routing or power supply
is required.
 Top-mounted external venetian blinds for new buildings are installed with the
windows, cleverly built into the façade. They are also available with insect screens as an
option, and can be combined with top-mounted roller shutters for new buildings in
construction projects.
 Asymmetrical external venetian blinds are suitable for almost any asymmetrical
window shape. They adapt optically to the appearance of other Warema external venetian
blinds, and are also available with a range of options and accessories.
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