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A New Revolution in Wireless
Mike Yoho
LTE is the project name for the newest
generation of high speed cellular telephony
Marketed as 4G
Project of 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership
Project )
Flat IP architecture utilizing IPv6
High throughput (peak Mbps 326.4 86.4 )
Low latency ( < 5ms)
Increased spectrum flexibility
Fluid mobility to legacy standards
Tower transmissions of up to 100 km with
reasonable performance by utilizing the 900
MHz frequency band for use by rural areas
Increased spectrum flexibility supporting slices
as small as 1.4 MHz to as large as 20 MHz
Support for Multi Broadcast Single Frequency
Network (service used for mobile TV)
TeliaSonera opened first publicly available
network in Scandinavia on December 14th 2009
Verizon to have infrastructure to support 100
million users in 30 regions by November 2010
AT&T to have infrastructure to replace current
GSM network by Summer 2011
LTE is receiving almost unanimous support
from the cellular industry
A new standard (LTE Advanced) is in the
works which is fully 4G compliant
LTE advanced will support gigabit speeds