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Parlophone Records, Ltd. is a record label that was founded in
Germany in 1896 by the Carl Lindström Company as Parlophon.
George Martin joined Parlophone in 1950 as Assistant Label
They don’t really have a specific musical genre, they have a wide
variety of genres.
The main aim for this music company is to make money and help
the artists come big.
Parlaphone don’t specialise in wither bands or artists, again they have mixture of the two. They have
bands such as the Beatles, blur and Radiohead. And they also have solo artists such as Lilly Allen and
Kylie Minogue. The Beatles was one of the record labels most successful campaigns.
From 1983 to 1999, the lion’s share of carousing and brawling in the British music industry
was done not just by the roster of Creation Records but also by its management.
Whereas most labels attract signings with lucrative deals, Creation, according to a former
label manager, “used to drink and drug the bands into submission”.
This worked a treat with Oasis, its biggest success story, and Primal Scream, neck-and-neck
in the debauchery stakes.
However, despite a host of great names on their roster, Alan McGee’s company never got the
hang of turning a profit.
Creation specialise in British rock.
Their most successful campaign was with Oasis in the 90’s, they sold millions of records and still
sell records.