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5th Grade History Test 1
Chapter 1-2; Geography Facts 1-4
1. Humanism is man’s attempt to put himself in the place of God.
2. Evolution is the false idea of how man began.
3. A nation is a large body of people who think of themselves as one, are united under one
ruler, and are subject to the same general laws.
4. Culture is the way of life of a group of people.
5. The written record of mankind is called history.
6. Superstition is a belief based on fear and ignorance rather than the truth.
7. The leader of a republic is called a president.
8. A dictator is a ruler who comes to power by force.
9. A republic is the type of government found in the United States.
10. The structure built to try to keep man from being scattered after the Flood was the Tower
of Babel.
11. Our dating system is centered on the birth of Christ.
12. The creation of man marks the beginning of history.
13. The Eastern Hemisphere is also called the New World.
14. An absolute monarchy is a type of government whose ruler is often born into office and
has complete power.
15. A.D. means “in the year of our Lord.”
16. The Bible is the only completely accurate record of ancient history.
17. An archeologist digs up and studies the remains of ancient cities.
18. Mesopotamia means “between the rivers”.
19. An altar is located at the top of a ziggurat.
20. The Sumerians used a seal to stamp their documents.
21. Ziggurats are the tall temples the Sumerians built for worshiping their gods.
22. The Sumerians were farmers, herdsmen and shepherds.
23. Irrigation is the supplying of land with water.
24. Cuneiform is the Sumerians wedge–shaped form of writing.
25. Sumerians used the arch in their buildings.
26. The wheel and writing were two major inventions of the Sumerians.
27. Two major rivers of the Fertile Crescent are the Tigris and the Euphrates.
28. Mt. Ararat is the mountain on which it is believed that Noah’s Ark came to rest.
29. The southern part of Sumer is called Chaldea.
30. Ur is the most important Sumerian city.
31. The Old World consists of these continents: Asia, Africa, Europe, Antarctica and
32. The circumference of the earth is 25,000miles.
33. The diameter of the earth is 8,000miles.
34. A globe is a map of the world in the shape of a sphere.
35. The equator is the imaginary line that runs halfway between the North Pole and the South
36. The Northern Hemisphere is the area between the equator and the North Pole.
37. The Western Hemisphere has less land than the Eastern Hemisphere.
38. The Eastern Hemisphere has six sevenths of the world’s people.
39. Nanna is a name for the Sumerian moon god.
40. The powerful ruler of Ur who built it ziggurats was Ur-Nammu.
41. Abraham was a famous citizen of Ur mentioned in the Bible.
42. Lady Shubad’s tomb revealed much about the Sumerian beliefs.
43. Be able to locate the continents and oceans on a map of the world.
44. Be able to locate the following on a map: Tigris River, Euphrates River,
Mesopotamia, and Babylon.