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A Brief History - the Rise of Theatre
Mr. Wilson
 When did Theatre as we in the West know it, really get
 English Renaissance Theatre – 1600’s
 What made this particular period so interesting?
 First time theatre was not restricted to the court
 People of all social classes mixing
 The idea of meeting in public – and being SEEN in public
 Sharing stories
 EVERYONE attended
 Why do people continue to study theatre from this
 Many reoccurring themes
 A good story is a good story
 The Renaissance of literary ideas like Tragedy and Comedy
 With things like film, why is the theatre still such a
powerful form for story-telling?
 It is different when it is done in person
 A good play FEELS, SOUNDS and LOOKS very different then
a good movie
 A play has very different THEATRICAL ELEMENTS
The Conspiracy
• It has been surmised that
Shakespeare did not actually
write this stuff…
•Why? Because it was published 7
years after he died.
•He did not go to school
•He did not own a single book.
•He was not that famous while he
was alive!
 Why exactly do people ALWAYS focus on Shakespeare?
 The stories are classic!
 They pop up EVERYWHERE.
 He has influenced just about every writer / actor who
has ever lived.
 Why do ADOLESCENTS have such a hard time
studying Shakespeare?
 The language – it’s 400 years old
 They tend not to see it as “Entertainment”
 In “Shakespearian English” (i.e.: lots of stereotypical
description) describe what happened to you as you
came to school this morning.
 Proper language!
 Finish with a RHYMING COUPLET
 Be prepared to present your piece to the class!
“There are separate galleries and there one stands
more comfortably and moreover can sit, but one
pays more for it. Thus anyone who remains on the
level standing pays only one English penny: but if
he wants to sit, he is let in at a farther door, and
there he gives another penny. If he desires to sit on
a cushion in the most comfortable place of all,
where he not only sees everything well, but can also
be seen then he gives yet another English penny at
another door. And in the pauses of the comedy food
and drink are carried round amongst the people
and one can thus refresh himself at his own cost”