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Astrology Services List
Basic Natal Chart - an in depth, highly personalized analysis of your natal planetary
influences and how they continue to affect your life cycle. We will discuss your strong and weak energies,
and how to cultivate positive relationships with these Cosmic forces to promote balance and harmony in
your life. $120 Other issues, such as family, wellness, and vocational aptitude can be focussed on as
well: see Deluxe Natal Chart option.
Personalized Talismans, Sigils, and Yantras - Beneficial planetary energies
can be strengthened through the use of talismans and sigils. These may be used
repeatedly, in various formats such as body art, mandalas, meditative images, protective
charms, jewelry, etc. $25 w/chart; $50 separately.
Gemstone Therapies - Both Western and Vedic astrology preserve the time honored practices
of strengthening planetary energies by wearing the gemstones that the most beneficial energies (for you) will
be drawn to. Some are for daily wear, while some are for very specific times in one’s life. Find out which
gemstones will be most helpful for you. $10 w/chart; $50 separately.
Mantric Therapies - Vedic Astrology encourages the recitation of mantras to
improve relationships with planetary energies that people have challenges expressing
productively. The appropriate mantra depends upon your natal chart and your time of
life. Western astrology and ancient lore have also preserved many tributes and poems to
strengthen our “troubled” planets, and to honor our personal and “power” planets. We
will find helpful and meaningful ones for you. $10 w/chart; $50 separately.
Vocational Aptitude Analysis - Find out which vocations/careers you are best suited for,
and which planets are your strongest allies in your chosen activities and endeavors. $75 (repeat
client); $150 (New Client - basic natal chart included).
Progressed Chart/Specific Issue Chart - look at the movement of the planets
throughout your various stages of life, and see how their current and upcoming placements will affect your
life. Anticipate upcoming trends, strengths, and weaknesses, to assist with harmonious adjustments to
changing life cycles. Starting at $75.
Relationship Charts - discover basic compatibility levels or look for clues into difficult
relationship issues. Find out ways to improve & enhance daily communication, romance, and overall
relationship. $150 (new clients); $100 (repeat clients).
d Event Charts - pick the most auspicious timing for an upcoming event,
or look i or look back in time at an event of personal importance to understand it better.
Starting at $75.
Adderstone Master Reading
1 Hour Consultation
Hand Drawn Chart
24+ page personal report
Planetary Hours Chart for your day
of birth
- 1 Power Talisman
- at least 1 Gemstone
- a least 1 Mantric Therapy
- presentation folder
and one of the following:
- Vocational Analysis OR
- Progression OR
- Health Astrology Report
Adderstone can also hand-write,
illustrate, and hand-bind your horoscope
in a custom book! Ask for details...
[email protected] • Charts & Books of hours • lawrence, KS.