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The most alkaline foods are green and of high water content as in cucumber, celery, broccoli, and greens like kale, chard, romaine etc.
Lemons & limes are also highly alkaline once metabolized even though they are acidic outside the body before you ingest them. Take a look at
the chart on the reverse side to see which foods can alkalize your body. On this chart you’ll also notice the list of foods that are acidic (and
how acidic they are) so that you can pay attention to the ratio that you include in your daily meals. Pretty much any food that is a concentrated
food with low water content, is highly processed or contains sugar–including fruit, is acidic to the body and should be consumed in
approximately a 20-30% daily proportion. If you are seriously ill this ratio will be more like 0-5%. Please remember to always consult a medical
professional when considering a drastic lifestyle change.
Choosing alkaline foods in a 70 to 80% ratio with the balance of acidic foods allows you to still enjoy some of the wholesome foods you
are accustomed to. A visual measurement for each meal or over the period of the day is all that is necessary to maintain a balanced intake of
alkaline foods. No weighing or counting of calories is necessary. And guess what? By following a highly alkaline lifestyle you’ll discover that a
bonus side effect is weight loss or a return to your natural body weight.
If you are experiencing any symptoms of ill health you are suffering from over acidification of your blood and tissues. Alkaline minerals from
vegetables help to provide much needed alkaline buffers. These buffers escort excessive acids from the body. When the body is highly acidic
from an imbalanced diet of acidic foods deplete of alkaline minerals, the body draws upon its own already depleted supply of alkaline mineral
buffers that should be reserved for vital processes within the body. Our tissues, our bone strength and organ function suffer when the very
minerals they require for optimal function are robbed to neutralize acids we have ingested. This balancing act occurs at every given moment in
our life as our body constantly works to maintain an ideal pH to keep us alive. The harder it has to work the more bogged down it becomes.
At this point the body begins to cope by tucking away the excessive acids that it cannot deal with into fat cells as a way of protecting the body’s
main organs from these acids. This is why one loses weight on an alkaline diet as the acids are bound by fat cells. Flushing acids = flushing fat
cells too when a high alkaline diet with substantial water consumption of alkaline water each day is followed. Research has also shown that
most cancer cells cannot thrive in an alkaline environment but they thrive in an acidic environment. Thus, it’s to your benefit to alkalize your
body as a preventive measure to help avoid cancer and as a way to help reverse symptoms of disease. Alkalizing your body also aids in bringing
healthy amounts of oxygen to your cells. Disease cannot thrive in an oxygen rich environment, another important reason to alkalize your diet
and thus your body.
You may already be very conscientious with your healthy lifestyle but with a bit of tweaking in the alkaline department you might find you have
even more energy, fewer colds and any nagging symptoms slowly dissipate.
To increase your alkaline foods intake it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…a,b,c…
1. add a green smoothie or juice to your morning
2. add a big salad to your lunch or make it your lunch
3. add a salad and steamed veggies to your dinner
And we all know that we need to….
a. drink more water— ½ your body weight in ounces of fresh filtered water - to flush acids and hydrate the body
b. exercise to flush your lymph, blood and tissues of acidic matter
c. stay on top of your stress levels and find ways to deal with negative thoughts (stress causes acids to form within the body)
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