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Mock Berlin Conference
• Mostly desert
• Has a small area that is extremely fertile
• Holds the Suez canal, an extremely important
trading passage
• Ruled by Muhammad Ali (not the boxer)
• Ali has unified Egypt into a strong country and
will take a lot of armies to conquer.
East Africa
• A good amount of diamonds and gold
• An important trade route between the
Arabian Peninsula and Africa
• The southern portion holds the Zulu, a warrior
tribe of Africa that will take a small amount of
armies to take over.
• An island off the east coast of Africa
• Holds a moderate amount of timber, gold, and
• A decent stopping point for traders from
• No human inhabitants. Does not require a
South Africa
• The most Diamonds and Gold in all Africa are
• Fairly good trading port that can be used
instead of the Suez Canal.
• Held by the Boers. They are unwilling to
compromise and will have to be removed.
They are a bunch of Dutch farmers and have
no military training.
The Congo
• A jungle wasteland where there are no gold or
diamonds. The trees are unsuitable for
• A huge population of wildlife in the entire
• A small coastline connected to a river
• Held by a large population of hostile natives
that would be extremely difficult to remove
from the jungle.
Southwest Africa
• Was used primarily to extract slaves. However
the slave trade has declined since its
abolishment in the U.S.
• Still holds some gold and diamonds
• The trade infrastructure is still intact and is a
decent stopping place for traders
• Since so many slaves were taken from here,
only small force is needed to take the entire
Saharan Africa
• A desert wasteland
• No foreseeable resources
• Traders coming through here often die from
starvation or thirst
• Takes 0 armies to conquer it.
The Gold Coast
• As its name would imply, there is a wealth of
gold in the region.
• Great trading point for those going to South
• The docile natives can be taken by a small
military force.
West Africa
• Home of Timbuktu, a place that houses the
earliest university.
• Small pockets of gold in the region
• Small coastline where trade takes place
• Docile natives, only needs a small force to take
Northwest Africa
• Very few natural resources
• A moderately used trading route
• Mostly unpopulated and can be taken with
even a small force
Strait of Gibraltar
• Very few natural resources
• THE most important trading route in all of
Africa. Those who own this strait control trade
from the Mediterranean Sea to the rest of
Europe and North America.
• Because of how close it is, Spain currently
holds this valuable property but it can be
taken from them by force or through
North Africa
• Some natural resources such as gold.
• A very important area for trade. It governs
much of the trade that happens along the
Mediterranean Sea.
• Because of how close it is, Italy currently holds
this valuable property, but it can be taken
from them by force or through negotiation.