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Subject Title
Subject Code
Advanced Computer Network Security
MCA 51
Introduction, Uses of Computer Networks, Business Applications, Home Applications,
Mobile Users, Social Issues.
Network Hardware and software
Network Hardware, Wireless Networks, Internetworks, Network Software, Protocol
Hierarchies, Design Issues for the Layers, Connection-Oriented and Connectionless,
Service, Service Primitives, Relationships of Services to Protocols.
Example Networks
The ARPANET, The Internet, ATM.
Network Layer Design issues
Store-and-Forward Packet Switching, Services Provided to the Transport Layer,
Comparison of Virtual Circuit and Datagram Subnets
Routing algorithms
The Optimality Principle, Shortest Path Routing, Flooding, Distance Vector Routing,
Link state Routing, Hierarchical Routing, Broadcast Routing, Multicast Routing, Routing
for Mobile Hosts
Congestion Control Algorithms
General Principles of Congestion Control, Congestion Prevention Policies, Congestion
Control in Virtual-Circuit Subnets, Congestion Control in Datagram Subnet, Load
Shedding, Jitter Control
Quality of Service
Flow characteristics, Techniques for Achieving- Good Quality of Service, Integrated
Services, Differentiated Services
Need for Network Layer, Internet as Packet-Switched Network, Internet as
Connectionless Network, Tunneling, Internet work Routing, Fragmentation.
The Network Layer in the Internet
The IP Protocol, IP Addresses, Subnet, IPV6
Services and elements
The Transport Service, Services Provided to the Upper Layers, Transport Service
Primitives, Elements of Transport Protocols, Addressing, Connection Establishment,
Connection Release, Flow Control and Buffering
The Internet Transport Protocol
Introduction to UDP, Remote Procedure Call, The Real-Time Transport Protocol
Transmission Control Protocol
Introduction to TCP, TCP Segment Header, TCP Connection Establishment, TCP
Connection Release, Modeling TCP Connection Management, TCP Transmission Policy,
TCP Congestion Control
Domain Name System
Application Layer Overview, DNS, The DNS Name System, Resource Records, Name
Electronic Mail
Architecture and Services, The User Agent, Message Formats, Message Transfer, Final
Services, Mechanisms and Attacks, OSI Security Architecture, A Model for Network
Symmetric cipher Model, General concepts, Cryptanalysis, Substitution Techniques,
Transposition Techniques
Simplified DES, Block Cipher principles, The Data Encryption Standard, The RSA
E-mail Security
Introduction, Pretty Good Security, Operational description of PGP, Cryptographic keys
and key rings, S/MIME, S/MIME Functionality, S/MIME Messages