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CSE 3: Fluency in Information Technology
By Michael Bracamontes
Computational Thinking
CSE 3: Fluency in Information Technology
discusses a wide range of topics. This Quarter, I
have been able to properly demonstrated the
use of HTML, Python, JavaScript, and multiple
Microsoft Office Programs. I have learned how
to code software programs and how to apply
them into my everyday life! Now I can do
I have learned how to solve problems using
computer programs. I have learned the
importance of good visual presentations. I have
been able to implement graphs and images into
my work in order to bring data to life!
Data Analysis and Visualization
with MS Excel
Desktop Publishing with
MS Word
Making Information Available to
the World with HTML and Web
The internet is ours to use! Anyone can put their
own work online! It is simple! Just follow the
steps below:
1. Code a webpage
2. Use a file transfer protocol to place your
webpage onto a server
3. Enjoy seeing your beautiful creation online!
Presentation of
Information with MS
Microsoft PowerPoint is a great way to
display data to present to a group! You
can use designs and animations to
bring your data to life!
Dynamic Webpage Programming
with JavaScript
IDLE Programming with
Microsoft Excel allows data to be organized into
cells. After the data is organized, the data may
then be converted into various diagrams including
Pie Charts, Bar Diagrams, and Histograms.
Python is a great tool to use! It will help you
understand more complex applications such as
JavaScript. Python programs collect user input
and uses that information to compile whatever
it is the programmer intends to do with their
JavaScript is similar to Python in that it collects
user input for the program’s final objective.
JavaScript can be embedded into web pages
which makes the web page much more