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Winning a “Smart” Health Insurance Exchange for California
Food and Drug Council
June 15, 2011
Mark Blum, Executive Director
America’s Agenda: Health Care for All
Why does the state insurance
exchange matter to Unions?
Labor wants all working families to have affordable, high quality health insurance.
Flawed design of ACA premium subsidy program will incent some union employers
to drop insurance, particularly for lower income workers. That could put some
union members in the exchange.
State exchanges will be models for broader reform.
If the exchange doesn’t succeed, costs of uninsured workers will continue to be
shifted on to insured workers and employers.
What's driving up health care cost at a
rate 3 to 4 times faster than wages?
Key to the solution:
Transforming the delivery of care
Team Care Savings
2010 Downstream Utilization
Heart Mission: Creating A Smart Exchange
1. Every participating insurer provides each beneficiary at least one team care
2. Consumer access to easily comparable information about quality and prices of
insurance plans and care delivery options.
3. Robust competition between insurance plans and care delivery options.
HEART Participating Organizations
• UFCW 8– Golden State
• Segal Company
• Med Expert International
• California Chronic Care
• Kaiser Permanente
• Catholic Healthcare West
• California Blue Shield
• Health Access
• Safeway
• Premier Benefits Solutions
• California Academy of
Family Physicians
California Federation of