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Relational Database Alternatives
Choosing A Data Model
• Relational database underpin legacy
applications and meet business needs
• However, companies are increasingly
considering alternatives
• Reasons:
– Need to scale
– Not all problems map to tables and rows
Other Reasons
• Cost of data model changes
• Faster development
• New data types – structured, semi-structured,
• Object-oriented programming
• Organizations turning to scale out
architectures using commodity servers and
cloud computing
Data Model
• The primary way in which NoSQL databases
differ from relational databases is the data
• The Document Model
– Instead of rows and columns, data is stored in
documents (e.g., JSON)
– Documents provide a way of modeling data that is
closer to object-oriented programming
– Each document is effectively an object
• Have more than one tool in your toolbox
• Document databases provide a rich query
functionality that allows them to address a
wide variety of applications
• Key-value databases work great if you only
need to access data by a single key
More On Document Databases
• In a document database the notion of a
schema is dynamic: each document can
contain different fields
• Documents can be queried based on any fields
in the document
• Example: MongoDB
Key-Value Databases
• Every item is stored as an attribute name or
key, together with its value
• Values can only be queried by the key
• Very, very fast
• Applications: A narrow set of applications that
only query data by a single key value
• Example: Redis