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What they affect?
Solvents slow down breathing
and heartbeat rate. They also
cause damage to the liver, lungs
and brain. These products can
often irritate our skin, eyes and
respiratory system but they also
damage to our nervous system.
Sniffing solvents can cause
massive damage to specific
organs in our bodies depending
on the tolerance our bodies have
to the dose but it can also cause
horrifying diseases as cancer in
our liver and kidneys. Below is a
diagram of Melanoma cancer
caused by solvents which affects
the brain, liver and lungs.
By: Veruska Stepenka
What are solvents?
Solvents are products such as
glue, paint, sharpie, nail polish
remover and cleaning products
that spread fumes that sniffers
inhale in. These fumes are
inhaled by the lungs and they
soon reach the brain. These
fumes are very popular for being
the 1st drug teens begin with but
they can cause more damage
than heroin and cocaine put
together. These products are
commonly found at home and
observe the picture above for an
example of what solvents look
How solvents affect your lifestyle?
Did you know that some people die immediately after inhaling chemicals like aerosols,
cleaning fluids, and butane gas. “Sudden Sniff” deaths are often caused due to heart
failure. Solvent abuse can also affect a women’s fertility system due to the exposure to
solvents while working with them, which can be inhaled and affect the baby’s health and
their reproductive organs. Another thing solvents affect is your memory and thinking,
after decades and decades of working around fumes and solvents your memory will begin
to fail and decrease.
Treatments for solvent abuse
One treatment that is highly recommended is
actually to change your lifestyle and speak to
your kids about drugs just so they are warned
about drugs that are available in the world that
could ruin their future and possibly a drug that
their parents were dependent on for a while in
their life.
Teenagers tend to experiment with drugs
because of two main reasons. The first one
being the fact that they like to experiment new
things and the second one that they say no one
has ever told them not to do drugs.
Teens begin their drug experimentation with
the thought of thinking drugs won’t harm them
and their experimentation always begins with
alcohol then inhalants or solvents commonly
found at home. It has been proven 75% of 8th
graders have tried alcohol and 55% of them by
6th grade.
Drug therapy is a great place to begin if you
want to make a change in your life and stop
depending on the drug. Drug therapy for
solvents consist of helping the patient to stop
sniffing, inhaling and huffing such solvents like
glue, nail polish and product which patients
tend to put inside a plastic bag with their
mouth over the bag and begin inhaling.
In the sidebar you can observe examples of
solvents abuse.