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KS3 Drama – Theatre in Education –
Part 3
KS3 Drama
Theatre in Education – Part 3
Icons key:
For more detailed instructions, see the Getting Started presentation
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Accompanying worksheet
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Learning objectives
Adapt a short story into a Theatre in Education
play for an audience of young children.
Develop story-telling skills.
Write short scripts.
Consider the practical aspects of touring
a small-scale theatre production.
Design or select a suitable set, costumes
and props.
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Involving the audience
Try to include some direct address in your play.
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Adapting a story for the stage
The first decision you need to make is how faithful to the
original story you wish to be. Some adaptations keep very
close to the original, some use it as the basis for new ideas.
Which aspects of the original do you want to keep?
Which aspects might you want to change?
Style of
of a story
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The ending
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What message do you want to give?
A Sound Story could be interpreted in a variety of ways.
It is up to you to decide what you want to say to your
audience and how you want to say it.
Which aspects of the story would you like
to emphasize in your TIE production?
the effect of development
on small communities
noise pollution
the relationship between
the generations
the individual and society.
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Creating a storyboard
Create a storyboard of the six main events in A Sound Story
by completing the template with text or illustrations.
1. Joe’s shop
2. Factory
3. Noise
4. Annabella
and Grandad
5. Factory
6. Music in
the factory
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Writing a script
Write a script for your adaptation of A Sound Story.
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TIE sets
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Creating a set
the table
with the
you would
like to use
in your TIE
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