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Project title:
Clinical trials for a new pancreatic cancer treatment
Project type:
Innovation Action (IA)
clinical trials; oncology; medical research
Main research areas:
pancreatic cancer; clinical trials
Short description:
The company seeks partners to perform the proof of concept for clinical trials on patients affected by
pancreatic cancer with the goal of validating the efficacy of a reprofiled drug.
The Spanish SME operating in the oncology area is developing a new treatment for pancreatic
cancer. The biological drug already commercialized for other indications could be a new treatment
for pancreatic cancer significantly improving current therapies. Efficacy preclinical studies in vivo
have been performed by the SME and the safety profile of the drug is completely known and
documented as the drug is on the market. A patent application has already been submitted. The SME
is seeking hospitals, drug manufacturing companies and CRO’s to test the medicine on this new
indication. The drug should be administered to minimum 20 adult patients for a period of time of 3
Hospitals and CRO partners should be experts in cancer disease clinical trials, especially pancreatic
cancer and skilled to draw up protocols and reports. The drug manufacturing company should be
expert in biological or biosimilar drugs, under good manufacturing practices (GMP) protocols. The
hospital will be allowed to publish the results after being reviewed by the SME.
Deadline for Expression of Interest: 20/05/16
Partner profile sought:
Type of partners sought:
- Hospital
- Industrial drug manufacturer
- CRO (contract research organisation)
Field of expertise:
Hospital and CRO: Pancreatic cancer, European project coordination.
Drug Manufacturer: Biological drug
Task to be performed:
Hospital: clinical trial;
CRO: writing protocols and reports, data managing, statistics. Industrial partner: drug manufacturing,
labelling and distribution.
Contact information:
Kancelář podpory mezinárodního výzkumu a mobilit v Moravskoslezském kraji
Lukas Stranak
University of Ostrava
[email protected]
[email protected]
Kancelář podpory mezinárodního výzkumu a mobilit v Moravskoslezském kraji