Download Proclamation Form for World Pancreatic Cancer Day

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[Insert City, Municipality or Province Name Here] Proclamation
Declaring November 17, 2016 as World Pancreatic Cancer Day in the [municipality]
of [name].
WHEREAS there were an estimated 367,000 new pancreatic cancer cases
diagnosed around the globe in 2015, including 4800 in Canada;
WHEREAS pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest cancers, currently the fourth
leading cause of cancer deaths in Canada. It is projected to surpass both breast and
colon cancers to become the second leading cause by 2020;
WHEREAS pancreatic cancer is the only major cancer with a five-year average
survival rate at just 8 percent;
WHEREAS when pancreatic cancer is diagnosed it is generally in its later stages; 76
percent of patients die within the first year, and 92 percent of patients die within the
first five years;
WHEREAS studies show that death rates for pancreatic cancer are increasing in
North America, while death rates are declining for most other cancers;
WHEREAS the good health and well-being of the residents of [municipality name]
are enhanced as a result of increased education about pancreatic cancer, research
into early detection, and effective treatments;
THEREFORE: I, [ Name/ Governing Body], do hereby proclaim November 17, 2016
as World Pancreatic Cancer Day in the [municipality].