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is the most critical
nutrient for sustaining
How much of our body is water?
About 2/3 or 6070%
 ¾ water found in
Blood Cells, much in
muscles and brain.
 Fruits and
Vegetables about
 Meat about 75%
Why do we need so much
Move nutrients
through the
digestive tract
 To remove waste
 Heat Regulator
 Coat and lubricate
body joints.
Water is needed in the body
We would Die in a few
days without water.
Water acts as a diluter.
Without sufficient
water, fiber does no
good. Fiber absorbs
water allowing waste to
move freely.
Helps Prevents
How Much is Necessary?
8 Cups a day, or
A good estimate is to take your
body weight in pounds and
divide that number in half. That
gives you the number of ounces
of water per day that you need
to drink. For example, if you
weigh 160 pounds, you should
drink at least 80 ounces of
water per day. If you exercise
you should drink another 8
ounce glass of water for every
20 minutes you are active.
Water and Weight Loss
Helps flush out toxins
and fat
Helps one feel full
without calories
Just replace some of
the high calorie foods
you eat with fruits,
vegetables and other
water dense foods that
keep you just as full
Signs of Dehydration
Dark Urine/Strong Odor/Low Volume
 Dark Sunken Eyes
 Low Energy/Fatigue
 Irritability/Emotional Instability
 Thirst/ You are already dehydrated
 Loss of Skin Elasticity
is the most critical
nutrient for sustaining