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Department of the Human Anatomy
Zhou Hong Ying
Abdominal cavity
Peritoneum & Peritoneal Cavity
• Peritoneum
• Peritoneal Cavity
• Structures formed by the Peritoneum
*Parietal peritoneum
*Visceral peritoneum
• A potential space
• Formed by the parietal and
visceral peritoneum
• Containing a thin film of serum
• Closed in males,
communicated with the
exterior of the body in females
Peritoneal cavity
• Intraperitoneal organs
• Interperitoneal organs
Extraperitoneal organs
Structures formed by the Peritoneum
Omenta 网膜
lesser omentum
greater omentum 大网膜
omental bursa
epiploic/omental foramen 网膜孔
Ligament: double layers of peritoneum
Mesentery 系膜
mesentery of small intestine 小肠系膜
transverse mesocolon 横结肠系膜
sigmoid mesocolon 乙状结肠系膜
lesser omentum
 porta hepatis
 lesser curvature of
 proximal part of the
hepatogastric lig. & hepatoduodenal lig.
 4 folds of peritoneum
 from greater curvature of
the stomach, descending,
greater omentum
to the transverse colon
 covering the small
Omental bursa
Omental bursa
▪ left border
- spleen, gastrosplenic ligament & splenorenal ligament
left border of omental bursa (lesser sac):
spleen, gastrosplenic lig., splenorenal lig.
Right border: omental foramen
Anterior: hepatoduodenal lig. (free edge of lig.)
Posterior: peritoneum covering the IVC
Superior: caudate lobe of the liver
Inferior: superior part of the duodenum
Clinic important of the omental
Superior Recess of Omental Bursa
Lesser Sac & Hepatorenal Recess
Peritoneal ligaments: lig. of liver
Hepatoduodenal lig.
Hepatogastric lig.
Hepatorenal lig.
 Coronary lig.
 Falciform lig. (ligamentum teres in the free edge)
 L & R triangular lig.
lig. of spleen
• gastrosplenic lig.
splenorenal lig.
splenophrenic lig.
splenocolic lig.
• hepatogastric lig.
• gastrosplenic lig.
• gastrocolic lig.
lig. of stomach
root of the small intestinal mesentery: 15cm in length, from the left
side of the LV2 to the right sacroiliac joint
Mesentery of the the small intestine
*A fan-shaped
*Two layer-folds of
*Attaching the coils of
jejunum and ileum to
posterior abdominal wall
*Root of the mesentery
* A triangular mesentery of the
vermiform appendix
* Blood vessels in its free edge
Transverse mesocolon
*The root of the transverse
mesocolon crosses:
Right kidney, descending part of
the duodenum, head of the
pancreas, left kidney
Sigmoid mesocolon
The Mesenteric Recesses & Posterior Relations of the Mesenteries
• reflection of parietal
peritonum raised by
underlying vessels, duct, and
obliterated fetal vessels
• median umbilical fold
(allantoic duct)
• medial umbilical folds
(umbilical a.)
• lateral umbilical folds
(inferior epigastric a.)
Peritoneal fold
Gastropancreatic fold
• Rectouterine pouch
• Vesicouterine pouch
• Rectovesical pouch
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