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Chinese Foods
By Aaron Genkin
Have you ever eaten noodles? Have you ever drank green
tea? Have you eaten tofu? Well guess what, the Chinese
invented these foods.
Millet is one of the most
famous food in ancient
China. Millet is a common
crop in ancient China.
Ancient Chinese people
used stone tools to keep up
their crops. A mortar is
used for taking skin from
millet. Chinese people still
use it.
Rice is another common
food in ancient China. Rice
was a stable grain in China.
Rice grows easier in marshy
areas. Rice is easier to
harvest without water.
Ancient Chinese people
used stone tools to keep up
their crops. Rice is still
popular in China today.
Noodles area very common
food in China. The Chinese
noodles made from wheat
flour and water are the
oldest form of noodles.
Chinese noodles could be as
thin as needles or as thick
as a chopsticks. The Chinese
believed that long noodles
mean a long life.
The Chinese invented tofu.
Tofu is made from soy milk.
First dried soybeans are put
in water to soften the
soybeans. They are ground
into a milky liquid. The
liquid is filtered and boiled.
Salt or a mineral called
gypsum is put into the
liquid to thicken the liquid.
It turns to curds. The
Chinese press the curds to
remove water from the
Salted Duck Eggs
Once again, the Chinese
invented another food,
salted duck eggs. You can
make them two different
ways. Here is the first way:
fresh eggs are soaked in a
closed jar filled with brine
[brine is a salty liquid]. Here
is the second way: the fresh
eggs are put in a thick and
salty paste. Here are the
steps after what I already
said: when it is time that you
can boil or steam the egg it
turns all white and the yolk
is red and yellow.
Green Tea
Green tea was first invented
in China. The Chinese were
probably the first to drink
green tea. It is different
from western tea, called
black tea. Not so long ago,
green tea became popular
around the world.
Good Bye
Do you like these foods and tea? Would you like to
eat these foods and tea? When you go to China drink
green tea and eat these foods.