Download 7782HF DC-Coupled AC Amplifier

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7782HF DC-Coupled AC Amplifier
The 7782HF is an extended frequency version of the 7782. The 7782HF is best suited for controlled
voltage applications that require higher voltages between 50kHz - 100kHz. The 7782HF is ideal for
situations like DO-160 testing that require high current from DC - 20kHz and DC - 150kHz power
At frequencies below 20 kHz, the 7782HF can provide 40mSec bursts of 180 amps peak. At frequencies
up to 100 kHz, the 7782HF can provide up to 40 volts. The 7782HF can operate in either voltage or
current operation modes and is DC-coupled.
• Over 4,000 watts peak output; 2,858 watts RMS into a 2 ohm load.
• 40mSec pulses of up to 150 amperes peak into 1 ohm load.
• Can be connected (up to 4 units) in series or parallel with additional 7782HF units for increased
voltage or current.
• Utilizes Bi-Level Smart Power Supply able to generate both high voltage and high current with less
heat than with a standard single level power supply.
• Frequency bandwidth of DC – 50 kHz at rated power into 8 ohms. DC – 200 kHz at reduced power.
• Rugged chassis for stand-alone bench top or rack-mounted operation. No additional power supply
• Protection circuitry protects the 7782HF from input overloads, improper output connection (including
shorted and improper loads), over-temperature, over-current and under/over supply voltage.
• Shipped ready to operate from 208V three-phase AC mains. Operation from 380V, 400V, 415V AC
mains available.
7782HF DC-Coupled AC Amplifier
The 7782HF provides nearly double the voltage
at 100 kHz compared to the standard 7782. This
improved high frequency voltage performance
comes at the expense of a slight loss of stability
when used in controlled current mode.
To see if the 7782HF is the correct amplifier for
your application, please contact your
AE Techron representative.
• Front-panel LED’s indicate power, standby,
high AC mains, high temperature, signal
overload and faulty output stage.
• Front panel slide switch to place amplifier in
run or standby.
• Front panel slide switch to reset indicator
PERFORMANCE (1-hour continuous)
Maximum Output Power*
2,858 Watts RMS
Output Offset Current
Less than 10 milliamperes DC
Balanced with ground. Three terminal barrier
block connector. 20k ohm differential
20 volts/volt in voltage mode, 20 amperes/volt in
current mode
Residual Noise
Less than 1 millivolt RMS
Slew Rate
40 volts per µSec
* Output peak power is dependent on load,
signal and % duty cycle. Please contact your
AE Techron Representative for details.
7782HF DC-Coupled AC Amplifier
All aluminum construction designed for standalone bench top or rack-mounted operation; with
silver front panel and black chassis. The
7782HF occupies 6 EIA 19-inch wide rack units.
128 lbs. (57.9 kg)
AC Power
Three phase, 208 volts, 47-60Hz, 20 amperes
AC service
Forced Air, 300 cfm.
19 in. x 10.5 in. x 22.37 in. (48.3 cm x 26.7 cm x
56.8 cm)
When you purchase an AE Techron amplifier, a full complement of technical and factory support
personnel join your team. AE Techron inc. provides:
Applications engineering for your technical questions and customized product needs.
A one year limited warranty to protect your equipment investment.
A fully equipped service center to keep your amplifier operating at original performance requirements.
AE Techron Sales Representative
7782HF DC-Coupled AC Amplifier