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Sub Name: DELD
Faculty Name: Mrs. SAUMYA SINGH
Assignment -2
1. Solve given Boolean function in both form.
(i) SOP form
(ii) POS form
Y = ∑m(1,3,4,6,9,11,12,14)
2. Why are NAND & NOR gates known as universal gate? Explain with
3. Minimize the logic function.
F(A,B,C,D) = ∑ m (0,1,2,3,5,7,8,9,11,14) use K MAP.
4. Using QUINE Mc CLUSKEY method minimize the following function .
F(x3,x2,x1,x0) = ∑(0,5,7,8,9,10,11,14,15)
Sem: 4th
Sub Name:
Faculty Name:Ashish Dewangan
Assignment -2
1) Explain MOSFET and its types.
2) Derive formula for voltage divider bias.
3) Derive formula for collector to base bias .
4) Define
a) Stability factor b) Operating Point
Sem: 4th
Sub Name: Electrical
Power System
Faculty Name: Christeena Francis
Sem: 4th
Assignment 2
1. Give comparison of overhead system & underground system?
2. Compare DC & AC distribution systems?
3. An 11kV, 50Hz, single phase cable 2.5km long has a diameter of
20mm & internal sheath radius of 15mm. If the dielectric has a
relative permittivity of 2.4, Determine :
Capacitance (ii) Charging current (iii)Total charging kVAR
4. A single core cable for use on 11kV, 50Hz system has conductor
area of 0.645cm2 & internal diameter of sheath is 2.18cm. The
permittivity of the dielectric used in the cable is 3.5. Find,
The maximum electrostatic stress in the cable?
ii) Minimum electrostatic stress in the cable?
iii) Capacitance of the cable per km length?
iv) Charging current?
5. A two wire DC distributor AB, 600m long is loaded as follows:
Distance from A (m)
150 300 350 450
Load (Amp.)
100 200 250 300
The feeding point A is maintained at 240V & B at 230 V. If each
conductor has a resistance of 0.01Ω per 100m. Calculate:
The currents supplied from A &B?
ii) The minimum voltage & the point at which it occurs?
Voltage at each load point?
Two wire ring distributor is 400m long & is fed at 230V at point
A. The various loads are connected as shown in figure. (Resistance
per 100m of single conductor is 0.01Ω)
i) Current in each section? (ii) Voltage at load points? (iii)Minimum
Sub Name: EMT
Sem: 4th
Q. (1) The magnetic field intensity is given in a region of space as
Find (i) ∇ x
(iii) Use to find the total current passing through the surface z=4, 1<x<2,
3<y<5 in the zdirection.
Q. (2) Find ∇ x
(i) In Cartesian co-ordinate at point A (3,2,1) if
= xyz ( x+ y)
(ii) In cylindrical co-ordinate at point B (2, 300,3) if =ρ z
(iii)in spherical co-ordinate at point C (4, 300, 450) if =sinӨ ( r+ Ө+ Ø)
Q .(3)Define electric flux density.
Q. (4) State and derive Gauss’s law and its application.
Q.(5) If G  5r sin2 cos2
region r≤ 2.
evaluate both side of divergence theorem for the
Sub Name:
Faculty Name:Dr. Nagendra Singh
Sem: 4th
Q.1 Obtain the transform circuit I(s) from the given circuit, assuming initial
condition to be zero.
Q.2 The given network is in relaxed state until t=0, when the switch is closed.
Drawing Laplace transform network and the using Norton’s theorem to find the
current i(t) in resistor R3
Q.3 Explain Zero and poles and its utility.
Q.4 Obtain the thevenin’s equivalent circuit for the given network.
Sub Name: EMMI
Faculty Name: Ms. Manjari Sharma
1. Write a short note on controlling, damping and balancing devices.
2. Explain testing of energy meters.
3. Write short notes on following instrumentsa) PMMC
b) MI
c) Electrodynamometer
4. Explain block diagram of oscilloscope.
Sem: 4th