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Cardiovascular Institute
Advanced Heart Failure Clinic
Patient Support Fund
Long recognized as a leader in cardiac care, the Maine Medical Center
Cardiovascular Institute remains on the forefront of today’s most advanced
treatments and procedures. Our comprehensive program provides the highest level
of expertise and leading edge technology, meaning patients don’t need to leave the
state for quality heart care.
The Advanced Heart Failure Clinic
The Advanced Heart Failure Clinic at Maine Medical Center services some of the
sickest cardiology patients in Maine. This includes patients who have undergone
heart transplants or are waiting for a transplant, advanced heart failure patients who
are on continuous infusions of intravenous medications, end-stage heart failure
patients, and patients who have received left ventricular assist devices (LVAD)
implants. Patients and their families travel from all corners of Maine to receive
their care at the Maine Medical Center clinic. This care is often complicated and very
challenging given the severity of their cardiac disease, co-morbidities, and sometimes
frayed social and economic supports. Frequently, these patients have very limited
resources that make caring for their health difficult and in some cases impossible.
The Call for Patient Support
In the past, providers and staff at the Advanced Heart Failure Clinic have raised
money through bake sales and provided personal donations to help low income
patients access the care they need. Yet this approach is unsustainable. The need is
too great and the existing resources for helping patients are too thin. Establishing
a patient support fund for the Advanced Heart Failure Clinic will allow the clinic
staff to better assist patients and help them overcome barriers to their healthcare.
The Advanced Heart Failure Clinic Patient Support Fund will be administered at
the discretion of the Advanced Heart Failure clinic staff and providers. The fund
will be available to cover patient care necessities such as transportation to Boston
for transplant evaluation, miscellaneous items not covered by insurance yet
required for transplant and LVAD work up (such as a dental evaluation or home
electrical evaluation). Support may also be provided to help patients purchase
required medications.
Get Involved
Community support is essential to provide this much needed resource for low
income patients. These families are already dealing with so many challenges as a
result of their heart disease. Please join with us to help them.
For more information on the Advanced Heart Failure Clinic and Advance
Heart Failure Patient Support Fund, please contact the Maine Medical Center
Development Department at (207) 662-2669 or visit our website at www.mmc.
org/giving. We’re happy to answer your questions!
The Story of Matt
Matt was 29 years old with two young
kids, divorced, and living in northern
Maine when he developed heart failure.
He comes from an impoverished
background, living together in a trailer
where his parents help take care of his
children. Matt received an LVAD device
to stay alive but he couldn’t leave the
hospital. He and his family simply could
not afford to hire an electrician to have
proper electricity installed in the trailer
to be able to support the LVAD device.
Learning this, a staff member generously
wrote a check for $225 to pay for the
electrical wiring that allowed Matt to go
home. Five months later, Matt’s heart
function has improved and he is likely
to make a full recovery. Matt’s story of
financial hardship is not uncommon.
Nor is the ability of philanthropy to
change outcomes. You can make a
difference through your donation to the
Advanced Heart Failure Clinic Patient
Support Fund.
Maine Medical Center Development Department | 22 Bramhall Street Portland, ME 04102 | (207) 662-2669