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Considering an
Presentation by Amy Haworth and Jim Reali
College of Life and Environmental Sciences
What roles are out there?
Environmental Consultant
Geo-Environmental Engineer
Water Quality Scientist
Contaminated Land Scientist
Marine Scientist
Education Officer
Recycling Officer
Energy Manager
EIA Consultant
Nature Conservation Officer
Planning Officer
Air Quality Scientist
Biodiversity Project Officer
Climate Change Assistant
Landscape architect
Sustainability Officer
Restoration Project Officer
Where could I work?
• National governmental and statutory
• Local authorities
• Scientific bodies
• NGOs and voluntary organisations
• Media
• Industry
• Educational institutions
• Environmental consultancies
Example: Ecologist
Example employers:
• Natural England
• The Ecology Consultancy
• Environment Agency
• Natural Environment Research Council
• The Marine Biological Association
• Friends of the Earth
• County Council – national park team / landscape and
design team
Example: Waste
Management Officer
Environment Agency
Environmental consultancies
Waste management consultancies
Civil engineering consultancies
Local authorities
What’s the demand like in
this sector?
Current influences:
• The Climate Change Act
• New Industry New Jobs
• The Low Carbon Industrial Strategy
• Establishment of Low Carbon
Economic Areas
• Ageing workforce, particularly in Energy
& Utilities
• The Energy Act 2011 – “Green Deal”
What’s the demand like in
this sector?
A significant increase in environmental roles in
recent years.
According to IEMA, particular demand for:
– Sustainable and environmental practitioners
with compliance experience
– Waste management professionals
– Environmental and sustainable practitioners
in manufacturing industry
But it’s competitive!
– Work related skills highly desired
career options
Useful work experience?
Don’t just search for advertised work experience /
internship vacancies:
Huge amount of volunteering opportunities in the
environmental sector which you can you use to:
– demonstrate your commitment on your CV
– develop useful skills
– Gain an insight into environmental organisations
* According to LANTRA approximately 200,000 people
are working voluntarily in the UK on conservation
Finding voluntary
University Conservation Volunteers –
The Conservation Volunteers –
Groundwork UK –
Northfield Ecocentre –
Sites advertising volunteering opportunities:
Other sources of work
experience opportunities
• -Green
Impact Accreditation scheme run in
universities and colleges – paid student
Careers Network vacancy database
Student jobsites such as,,
Finding a graduate job
Change Agents –
The Countryside Jobs Service –
ENDS Directory for speculative applications –
Graduate jobsites
– According to the IEMA, “Only 40% of jobs are
advertised so networking with environmental
professionals is a must.”
Attend conferences
Go to careers events like this and speak to employers!
Make use of your existing contacts
Keep in touch with your peers
Other useful information
• LEMUR project –
• Careers Network Resources
– Charity, Development and Regeneration
– Natural resources and the environment
Careers Network
CV and Application Clinic
Advice Desk and mock interviews
Email enquiries
Skills for Success Workshops
Application forms, interviews, CVs and
assessment centres
Recruitment Fairs and Events
for details of dates, times and venues
of events and how to book an
College of Life & Environmental
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