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• Goal: …
• Learning outcome: ...
• Objective:
– Describe several important trends occurring in computer
– Explain the purpose of several popular software packages
for end-user productivity and collaborative computing.
– Define and describe the functions of an operating system.
– Describe the main uses of computer programming
software, tools, and languages.
• End-User Applications
– Introduction to Software
– Business Application Software
• Computer System Management
– Operating Systems
– Programming Languages
Introduction to Software
• What Is Software? Software is programs used to
operate and manipulate computers and their
peripheral devices.
• Types of Software have application software and
system software.
• Application Software for End Users:
– By function general-purpose and function-specific
– Based on how the software was developed Custom
software, COTS software(commercial off-the-shelf),
open-source software.
The major types of application and
system software
Business Application Software
• Thousands of function-specific application
software packages are available to support
specific applications of end users in business and
other fields:
– business application software supports the
reengineering and automation of business processes
with strategic e-business applications like customer
relationship management, enterprise resource
planning, and supply chain management.
– Other human resource management and accounting
and finance.
General purpose application software
Software Type
Example program
Software suite
Bundled together
MS-Office, Open Office
Web Browser
For browser web site
Mozila Firefox
E-mail, Instant
Message, Web blog
For send/receive Information by
individual or group
Gmail, ICQ, YahooMessenger
Word Processing and
Desktop publishing
Transform the process of writing to
For Analysis, Planning and Modeling
Presentation Graphic
Help to prepare multimedia
presentation of graphic
MS Powerpoint
Personal Information
Help end uses store, organize, and
received information about customer
or schedule.
MS Outlook
Help workgroup and team collaborate
to accomplish group assignment
Video Conference
Operating Systems
It is an integrated system of programs that manages the operations of the CPU, controls the
input/output and storage resources and activities of the computer system, and provides various
support services as the computer executes the application programs of users.
Operating Systems Functions:
user interface is the part of the operating system that allows you to communicate with it so you can load
programs, access files, and accomplish other tasks(command-driven, menu-driven ,and graphical user
Resource Management uses a variety of resource management programs to manage the hardware and
networking resources of a computer system, including its CPU, memory, secondary storage devices,
telecommunications processors, and input/output peripherals.
File Management contains file management programs that control the creation, deletion, and access of
files of data and programs.
Task management programs of an operating system help accomplish the computing tasks of end users.
Multitasking is a task management approach that allows for several computing tasks to be performed in a
seemingly simultaneous fashion.
Operating System Program:
Microsoft Windows
Mac OS X
Programming Languages
• A programming language allows a programmer to
develop the sets of instructions that constitute a
computer program.
• Type of programming Language:
Machine Languages
Assembler Languages
High-Level Languages(Use statement)
Fourth-Generation Languages
Object-Oriented Languages