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Hale Dermatology
Laser Hair Reduction
Laser hair removal is an established method of treating unwanted and /or excess hair. The laser is attracted to pigment
so the ideal candidate is a person with light skin and dark hair. The laser is not effective on white / blonde hair. Some
lasers are able to treat darker skin but more treatments may be needed. The laser emits a very specific light beam that
is absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicle. Hair follicles have a growth cycle and only the hair that is actively growing
on the day of treatment can be treated, therefore multiple treatments are required.
Hormonal changes, genetics and other factors may result in new hair growth in the treated areas and may require
touch-ups. Hair laser treatments are for hair reduction and will never achieve 100% removal.
Avoid sun and tanning or products. The area to be treated cannot be tan at time of treatment and cannot be in
the sun for four weeks post-treatment.
Do not pluck or wax for six weeks prior to treatment. (shaving or trimming is ok)
If you have a history of herpes (fever blisters) in the area to be treated we may prescribe an antiviral medication.
Do not apply moisturizers or antiperspirants to the area to be treated.
It is important that you do not take any medications or have a condition that makes you more sensitive to light.
If you have a condition that makes you more sensitive to light, you may not be a candidate for this procedure.
The hair to be removed must be either black or brown.
The laser produces an intense burst of light; eye wear must be worn.
A sensation of heat will be felt. Cool air is used to decrease the amount of stinging from the laser.
The sensation may be similar to a rubber band snap.
Tylenol or Advil can be taken before and after treatment.
Topical anesthetic is not usually required but available.
Immediately following the treatment the skin may be red, welted and sensitive.
Alcohol-free Aloe vera gel or hydrocortisone cream can be soothing.
Ice packs may be helpful.
Avoid sun exposure for seven days and then only cautiously with sunscreen for one month.
Avoid shaving or any irritants on the treated area for three days.
The hair can take up to two weeks to fall out. Do not forcibly remove the hairs.
Most treatments are scheduled 4-8 weeks apart. If there is little hair growth present at your treatment time,
call and reschedule for two weeks later.
Please call for any questions or concerns. 503-463-6799