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Ch 19 A World In Flames
Rise of Dictators
-Adolph Hitler(
-Benito Mussolini(
-Japanese militarism(
Adolph Hitler
• Upset w/________________________ (next slide)-ended WW 1
• Scapegoat- _______________ the defeat of WWI on ____________, Communists,
traitors, and cowards
 Weimar Republic it was ineffective in dealing with economic
Nazi Party
National Socialist German Workers Party
• Timeline to power(FYI) overview
• 1923: The Munich Beer Hall Putsch
• failed coup attempt by Hitler and the Nazis
• Hitler escaped death and went to prison for about 1 year
Mein Kampf (
*while in prison
*anti-Semitist and anti-Communist
Hitler as Chancellor (1933)
1. gained temporary unlimited power (burning of the Reichstag)
2. eliminated political opponents(Night of Long Knives 1934)
3. packed the Reichstag full of Nazis who then changed the constitution
Hitler and Power
1. promised a return to _____________________ and _______________ unity
2. built the military (improve economy-jobs to people)
Weimer officials were murdered
book ________________
school propaganda
policy of _____________________
Benito Mussolini-Italy
**upset over the Versailles Treaty
Main reason: Italy was on the winning side-received little in war concessions
-suffering from terrible economic conditions
Mussolini and power
played upon peoples fears and hatreds
great speaker
appealed to Italy’s wounded nationalism
promised a return to the glorious prosperity of the Roman Empire
Fascist Party (1919)
Fasces-symbol of unity in ____________________
-by 1922 control government through intimidation
-Mussolini named Prime Minister
Extremists- Because of democratic inefficiencies, ______________ gained power
Reasons for territorial expansion
1. 70 million people lived in an area the size of Montana(island-_________________)
2. few ______________________ (oil, rubber, tin)
-struggled in the industrial world
German, Italian and Japanese aggression
1934-Hitler become de Fuhrer- assumes total control
1935-announces he will not follow treaties(100,000 men limit, etc.)
1936(March)- Germany occupies(moves into) the Rhineland(zone that was demilitarized after
1936-Rome-Berlin Axis is formed
1938-annex Austria
-sets sights on Czechoslovakia
(German speakers)
Appeasement at the Munich Conference
-Germany, France, England attended
-Germany would receive Sudetenland (map next)
-in return Hitler will seek no more land in Europe(appeasement)
-Hitler takes all of Czechoslovakia
-signs non-aggression pact with the Soviet Union(will not attack each other)
-Hitler-no _________________ war
-Stalin improve _______________
-split ___________________
1935-Army invades Ethiopia
1936-Rome-Berlin Axis
1931- Invades Manchuria
1937-begins invasion of China-wanted to unite SE Asia-U.S. stood in the way
Sept. 1st 1939
**Germany invades ___________________
-beginning of WW2
-defeats them in 3 weeks
Blitzkrieg- “__________________________”
Info on the Fall of France, Dunkirk and the Battle of Britain(reading pages 592-594)
(reading pages 595-600)
Things you should know, if not find out: German ideology, Kristallnacht, Gestapo, Anne Frank, concentration
and extermination camps, Final Solution
U.S. levels of involvement in World War 2
1939- Neutrality Act
- allowed sale of ___________ to warring nations, but U.S. ships could not enter _____________
1940-Selective Training and Service Act first _________________ in history
March 1941 Lend-Lease Act
U.S. would give ___________ to any nations defense that was vital to __________________
U.S. would become “__________________________________”
-U.S. involved, but remain _______________________
What are U-boats?
-u boat warfare, sinking of supply ships
-British navy stretched to limits
-U.S. ships helping convoys
-begin to be sunk
U.S. Tensions with Japan
Sept. 1940- embargo _________and ______________ exports to Japan
July 1941- move into present day Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam(under French control)
-in response U.S. seizes Japanese assets in the U.S.
-cut off oil
Pearl Harbor
-U.S. had intercepted some Japanese coded messages… but did not know when or where attack
was to begin.
Dec. 7, 1941…….
Dec 8th speech to Congress “a day that will live in infamy”……………………FDR
U.S. Reactions to Pearl
-ended all ___________________ for the United States