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I can describe Darwin's Theory of Evolution
Introductory Video On Evolution
1. Evolution: is the gradual ____________________ in a species _____________________________________.
2. Natural Selection: the process by which individuals become better _______________________ to environment
and are able to __________________
Steps of Natural Selection
Overproduction: far more_____________________ are produce than can
Variation: members of the same _____________________ have
Competition/Selection: Some organisms are better able to
Reproduction: make offspring with the _________________________ traits.
3. Using two sentences explain how natural selection leads to you getting sick from the flu more than once.
Peppered Moth Simulation Results
1. Open the webpage and click on this icon
2. Read through the directions and then run the experiments for the dark and light forests.
3. Record your data in the chart below.
Percent of Dark Colored
Moth at End
Percent of Light Colored
Moths at End
Light Forest
Dark Forest
4. As the trees in the forest became darker due to the use of coal in the 1800's, what color do you think the peppered
moths evolved into and why?________________________________________________________________________