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Year 10 revision
Please note there will be more than this for
next year’s exams .
Paper One – International Relations (Option B)
Causes of the Cold War
Why did the USA-USSR alliance begin to break down in 1945?
How had the USSR gained control of Eastern Europe by 1948?
How did the USA react to Soviet expansionism?
The origins of the Cold War; the 1945 summit conferences of Yalta and Potsdam including
the key decisions and the parts played by Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin and Truman, and the
breakdown of the USA-USSR alliance in 1945–6;
Soviet expansion in Eastern Europe – methods used to gain control; how successful were
they?; the Iron Curtain; the Berlin Blockade and its consequences.
The Truman Doctrine; The Marshall Plan;
The Cuban Missile Crisis
How did the USA react to the Cuban Revolution?
Why did Khrushchev put missiles into Cuba?
Who won the Cuban Missile Crisis?
The Bay of Pigs.
Strategic benefits of missiles in Cuba; why was this such a concern for the USA.
The consequences of the crisis for Kennedy, Khrushchev and Castro; the consequences for
the rest of the world.
The USA in Vietnam
Why did the USA get increasingly involved in Vietnam?
Why did the USA withdraw from Vietnam?
Increasing American involvement in Vietnam under Eisenhower, Kennedy and Johnson.
Economic, political and economic involvement. Gulf of Tonkin. Operation Rolling Thunder.
The tactics of the Viet Cong; the Peace Movement in the USA; the My Lai Massacre; the Tet
Offensive; the cost of the War.
German Depth Study 1919 – 1945
Weimar Germany
How was the Weimar Republic established? The Weimar Constitution.
Political Extremism, the Left/Right wing threat – Spartacist Uprising, Kapp Putsch.
Why was 1923 a crisis for the Weimar Republic?
Weimar’s golden years – mid to late 1920’s. Why did Germany recover, what were
the features of this recovery? The impact of Stresemann. German culture in the
Hitler’s Rise to Power
Why did the Nazi party become popular in the 1930’s? (policies, campaigning
methods, weaknesses of Weimar)
How did the Nazis keep control? (Propaganda, terror, achievements)
Life in Nazi Germany
Nazi’s use of terror (Night of the Long Knives, Gestapo, SA and SS, Judges and
Opposition to the Nazis – who opposed the Nazis and how great a threat were they?
Youth opposition – Edelweiss Pirates, Swing movement etc.
The role of women and the family in Nazi Germany.
Education in Nazi Germany and youth movements (Hitler Youth and League of
German Maidens). Why were the young so important to Hitler’s plans?
Economic successes – tackling unemployment including rearmament and the