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Intro to World Geography
What is geography?
• The study of spatial variation
• How – and why – things differ from place
to place on the surface of the earth
• The study of how observable spatial
patterns evolved through time
Spatial variation: predominant religion
Why spatial variation exists: earthquakes
Changes over time: deforestation
What is geography?
Geography is a spatial science
Spatial behavior of people
Spatial relationships between places
Spatial processes that create or
maintain those behaviors and
Spatial behavior of people: population
Spatial relationships between places: trade
Spatial processes: commuting and
urban form
The Five Themes of
A Framework for Studying the
North Carolina Geographic Alliance
PowerPoint Presentations
Theme 1: Location
• Where is It?
• Why is It There?
Two Types of
Absolute Location
A specific place on the Earth’s surface
Uses a grid system
Latitude and longitude
A global address
North Carolina
Absolute Location
• North Carolina
36° N Latitude
79° W longitude
• Chapel Hill
35° 55' N Latitude
79° 05' W Longitude
Relative Location
• Where a place is
in relation to
another place
• Uses directional
words to describe
– Cardinal and
North Carolina
• North Carolina is bordered by
Virginia on the north, South
Carolina and Georgia on the south,
and Tennessee on the west.
• The Atlantic Ocean forms North
Carolina's east coast.
• North Carolina is one of the
Southeastern States
Theme 2: Place
Physical Characteristics
• Land Features
• Mountains, plains,
and plateaus
• Climate
• Bodies of Water
North Carolina:
Photos above: Steve Pierce
Theme 2: Place
Human Characteristics
Buildings and
• Cities
North Carolina: Human
National Geographic Magazine
Top right:
Theme 3: Human
Environment Interaction
How People Interact With Their
People . . .
• Adapt to Their Environment
• Modify Their Environment
• Depend on Their Environment
North Carolina: Human
Environment Interaction
Theme 4: Movement
The Mobility of
• People
• Goods
• Ideas
How Places are
linked to one
another and the
North Carolina: Movement
Theme 5: Regions
What Places Have in Common
• Political Regions
• Landform Regions
• Agricultural Regions
• Cultural Regions
North Carolina: Regions
Steve Pierce
Remembering the 5 themes
• If you can’t remembering what
they are just ask MR. HELP!!!
• M – Movement
• R – Regions
• HE – Human Environment
• L – Location
• P - Place
Your assignment
• Describe you and your family using the 5
Themes of Geography.
• Make sure you use every theme.
• Type your biography, double space.