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Subject: Algebra 2
Grade Level: High School
Unit Title: Radical Expressions (Unit 3)
Big Idea/Theme: Radicals and complex numbers.
Simplifying radicals
Solving radical equations
Complex numbers
Essential Questions:
How can we have more than one number system?
If a number is imaginary, does it really exist?
Essential Skills/Vocabulary:
Imaginary numbers
Real numbers
Timeframe Needed for Completion: 2 weeks
Grading Period: 1st Nine Weeks
Curriculum Goals/Objectives
NCN.1 Know there is a complex number I such that i 2  1 , and
every complex number has the form a + bi with a and b real.
NCN.2 Use the relation i2 = –1and the commutative, associative,
and distributive properties to add, subtract, and multiply
complex numbers.
NCN.8 Extend polynomial identities to the complex
numbers. For example, rewrite x 2  4 as (x + 2i)(x – 2i).
AREI.2 Solve simple rational and radical equations in one
variable, and give examples showing how extraneous
solutions may arise.
Assessment Tasks:
Simplify radicals
Apply properties of exponents
Rational Exponents
Operate with complex numbers
Apply the properties of polynomials to complex numbers using
Determine the conjugate of an expression
Rationalize denominators
Solve radical equations
Materials Suggestions:
Prentice Hall Algebra 2