Download The biceps femoris is the most lateral of the 3 hamstring muscles

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The biceps femoris is the most lateral of the 3 hamstring muscles. There are 2 heads
(long & short head) and it inserts where the tibia and fibula come together.
Semimembranosus is medial to the biceps femoris and lies deep to the
Semitendinosus sits on top of the semimembranosus.
See how the biceps femoris is more lateral with the semitendinosus sitting on top of
the semimembranosus on the medial side?
Click on the hyperlink to see 400 m runner Derek Redmond in the Barcelona Olympics
of 1992. A contusion can occur with tearing of the muscle fibers and a hematoma
forms, which can be contained in the muscle.
Remember these muscles move the hip joint as well as the knee—making them
biarticular (moving 2 joints).
Now this muscle is the primary superficial calf muscle and helps to produce rapid
movements that occur during running and jumping.
The popliteus is like the anconeus of the elbow. Remember the anconeus was a small
muscle on the posterior side of the elbow that assisted the triceps in elbow
extension. Well the popliteus is a small muscle on the posterior side of the knee and
it assists the hamstrings in knee flexion as well as stabilizing the joint. It diagonally
crosses the popliteal space of the knee joint.
This is a small bellied muscle that is absent in some people.
Remember this is the only quadricep muscle that moves both the hip and the knee!
It is a superficial muscle and the anterior head originates from the anterior inferior
iliac spine. This is a powerful knee extensor that is used in running, jumping,
climbing, etc. Kicking a soccer ball is a great example of the rectus femoris doing its
job. The hip is flexed and the knee extended when you make contact with the ball to
kick it.
These other 3 quadricep muscles only move the knee. The Vastus Intermedius lies
directly underneath the rectus femoris so you can’t see it in pictures unless you
dissect and take the rectus femoris out. The vastus medialis is located more medial
and the vastus lateralis is more lateral.