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Why are insects an important part
of our environment?
Insects*There are a variety of insects
*Some live under ground
*Some live on the surface
*variety of colours
*most can climb
*some insects eat plants
*lot’s of insects have antaners
Ants are social insects of the
family Formicidae
There are more than 12,000
species and are classified
with upper estimates of about
14,000 species.
They are easily identified by
their elbowed antennae and a
body shaped like an 8
Ants form colonies that range
in size from a few dozen
predatory individuals living in
small natural cavities to
highly organised colonies
which may occupy large
territories and consist of
millions of individuals.
Bees are flying insects closely
related to wasps and ants.
Bees live in bee hives and
create honey
Queen bee rules the family of
There are nearly 20,000 known
species of bees in nine
recognized families
They are found on every
continent except Antarctica, in
every habitat on the planet that
contains insect-pollinated
flowering plants.
True flies are insects of the order
Diptera (Greek: di = two, and pteron
= wing),
They have a single pair of wings
a single pair of wings distinguishes
true flies from other insects with
"fly" in their name
Diptera is a large order, containing
an estimated 240,000 species of
mosquito’s, gnats, midges and
It is one of the major insect orders
both in terms of ecological and
human (medical and economic)