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Ganglion—knot-like mass or group
of nerve cell bodies located outside
the CNS
Reflex—automatic, involuntary
response to a change inside or
outside the body
Dendrite—root-like structures that
receive impulses and conduct them
to the cell body
messenger that transmit messages
between nerve cells
Meningocele—protrusion of
membranes of brain and/or spinal cord
through a defect in the skull or spinal
Parkinson’s disease—chronic slowly
progressive, degenerative CNS
Amnesia—disturbance in memory
marked by total/partial inability to
recall past experiences
Coma—profound/deep state of
unconsciousness marked by absence of
spontaneous eye movements, no
response to painful stimuli and no
Dementia—slowly progressive
decline in mental abilities
Stroke—damage to brain that occurs
when blood flow to the brain is
disrupted by blockage or rupture.
Aphasia—loss of ability to speak,
write, or comprehend
written/spoken word
Poliomyelitis—viral infection of
gray matter of spinal cord resulting
in paralysis
Paresthesia—abnormal sensation
such as burning, tingling, numbness
Epilepsy—group of neurologic
disorders characterized by
recurrent seizures
Narcolepsy—recurrent uncontrollable
seizures of drowsiness and sleep