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Pearl Harbor
USS Arizona Memorial 1,177 crewmen lost their lives during the attack
• December 7th 1941
• “A date that shall live in Infamy”
• Empire of Japan Attacked the US Navy trying to destroy the whole
pacific fleet
• In little more than 2 hours Japanese military destroyed or damaged
• 18 American war ships
• Damaged or destroyed 300 military aircraft
• 2,400 Americans died and 1,200 wounded
• Crippled our Pacific Fleet
Pearl Harbor
United States and the
European Theater
WWII Heroes and Horrors
The European Theater
• United States
• Winston Churchill
• Great Britain
• Josef Stalin
• USSR/Russia
• Alliance between two
democracies and one
communist leader
• Uneasy alliance
• Meet several times
• FDR and Churchill
become friends
• Unconditional
The Big 3
United States of America
USSR/ Russia/ Soviet Union
Plus several others
Total 26 Nations
Allied Forces
• First take Europe
and then Japan
• Military Plan
• Economic blockades
on Germany and Italy
• Air Attacks on
• Peripheral strikes in
the Mediterranean
• Direct assault on
Plan of Attack
• Might be the most important
battle of the war
• First major loss for the
Germans on land
• Destroys the German 6th
• Germany is in retreat from
the east until the reach Berlin
• Stalin is angered because
Allies did not help and the
Russian took the brunt of
this attack
• Lasts 5months 1 week and 3
• 100,000 Allied troops
enter into take North
• Brits had been there
since 1941
• Gen. Eisenhower
• Turning point of the
• First Front
Operation Torch
• D-Day June 6, 1944
• 120,000 troops
stormed 5 beachheads
at Normandy coast
• 800,000 more men
within 3 weeks; 3
• Causalities: 2,245
Allies killed 1,670
• Significance
• Established a strong
second front ( Russia
VERY happy)
• August 1st 1944 Allies
enter into Paris
• End of the summer
• Belgium, France and
Lux. are liberated
Operation Overlord
• December 16, 1944
• Germans last major
offensive move
Move against US positions
General George Patton
101st Airborne Div.
80,000 US Troops killed
• Stopped Hitler’s Last
gasp counter offensive
Battle of the Bulge
• January advancing
toward Germany
• Attack Dresden with fire
bombs killing 100,000
and destroying factories
and rail lines
• April 1945
• US approached Berlin
from the west while
Soviets come from the
• Italian resistance
• Mussolini caught by
Italian resistance and
• Hitler goes into a
bunker and commits
• Germany surrenders
unconditionally May 7th
Victory over Europe
Band Of Brothers
Saving Private Ryan
We were soldiers
The Monuments Men
King’s Speech
The Pianist
Red Tails
Saints and Soldiers
The Imitation Game
Movies On (Europe) WWII