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Colin Liter
Chapter 2 Quiz
1.) A density curve describes:
A. The total area of a distribution
B. The overall pattern of a distribution
C. The uniformity of a distribution
D. The randomness of a distribution
2.) The mean of an idealized distribution is notated as:
A. Mu
B. Sigma
C. Xbar
D. Rho
3.) In a normal distribution, the method for determining what percentage of the
data falls within one, two, or three standard deviations from the mean is called
A. 65, 98, 99.7
B. 68, 95, 99.7 Rule
C. Law of Large Numbers
D. 69, 95, 95.7 Rule
4.) The short notation for describing normal distributions is:
A. P(Mean, Standard Deviation)
B. N(Standard Deviation, Mean)
C. P(Standard Deviation, Mean)
D. N( Mean, Standard Deviation)
5.) Percentile of an observation refers to:
A. The percent of the distribution that is at or to the right of the
B. The percent of the distribution that is at or to the left of the observation
C. How much of the graph the observation takes up on the graph
D. What quartile the observation falls under
6.) On a right skewed density curve, a greater area is found:
A. To the left of the mean
B. To the right of the mean
C. Neither
D. Not enough information to answer
7.) The total area under a normal density curve always equals:
A. Area is variable
B. 0
C. Between 0 and 1
D. 1
8.) Assume a uniform distribution, with values only between 0 and 1, and no
numbers outside this range. What percent of the values lie between 0.28 and
A. 0.47
B. 0.49
C. 0.48
D. Not enough information
9.) A college basketball team has a mean score of 80 and a standard
deviation of 3 points. Find the value of z in a game in which the team
scores 87 points.
A. 87
B. 3
C. 2.5
D. 2.333
10.) In a certain school, the mean of all GPAs is calculated to be exactly
2.21 with a standard deviation of .57. What would a student's GPA have
to be to be in the top 10%?
A. 2.94
B. 1.48
C. 1.28
D. 1.57