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Lesson 7 A Human War for a Battle Among Goddesses
Introduction: the Trojan War
*The cause of war: ______________________.
*The event that triggered the war:
Paris, prince of _________, __________ Helen, whose husband is the
*The end result of the war: The city of Troy was ____________________
Mythical cause of the war: Story of the Golden Apple of Discord
Three goddesses, Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite liked to exercise their power over
____________ when there were disagreements.
*Disagreement: This time, they were fighting over ___________________.
*The judge for the contest: To avoid being blamed, ________ had Paris make the
difficult choice.
*The bribes they offered to the judge:
Hera offered him the power over
Athena offered him great
Aphrodite offered him Helen, the
in the world.
Paris chose
, for he had already lost his heart to Helen at first sight.
The War
Aphrodite helped Paris take Helen to Troy. The
king waged war on Troy, which continued for
years. Despite having
won many battles, the Spartans could never
, who was still angry about Paris’s choice, provided the
Spartans with a key to winning the final victory—the Trojan
The Spartan soldiers, having hidden
, which was later
by the Trojans, crept out at night and ushered
in the Spartan army to launch a successful surprise
, finally bringing
an end to the greatest war in Greek mythology.
Conclusion: Resonating with the Title—A Human War for a Battle among Goddesses
As in many Greek myths, humans in the Trojan War were like
in the hands of gods and
goddesses. The war is just a _________ to them. That’s probably the reason many Westerners believe that
humanity can’t control their destiny.
Meet the Olympians (a.k.a the Greek Gods and Goddesses)
Can you match the names of the gods and goddesses with their pictures and their characteristics?
Hera (
Athena (
Aphrodite (
1. God of: The Underworld and
the riches of the earth
Symbols: Sceptor, helmet of
Hobbies: Devising
punishments and
lounging in his ebony
2. King of all gods
3. Goddess of: Marriage and
4. Moody God of: The seas
6. Goddess of: Wisdom, war
Spouse: Hera
Children: Way too many to list
Spouse: Zeus
Symbols: Lightning bolt, eagle
Symbols: Peacock, diadem and veil
romance and
and scoping out the
Hobbies: Strategizing,
Hobbies: Seducing women,
Hobbies: Hunting down and
weaving, entering contests.
throwing lightning bolts
punishing her husband's
mistresses and children
Symbols: Trident
5. Goddess of: love, and beauty
Hobbies: Looking for
palaces on the
bottom of the
Symbols: Dove, apple, seashell
Symbols: Owl, spear,
Hobbies: Pampering herself
shield, and a lovely helmet.
Roman Name: Venus