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The Golden Smile Staff List and Bios
Yaakov Bressler
Joey Stamp
Zach Stamp
Musical Director, Composer
Andy McCain
Sofiya Cheyenne
Jody Doo
Isaac Boorstin
Robert DiDomenico
Flynn Harne
Gavin Bazalar
David Cutler
Sarcastic Actor
Angry Actor
Loathing Actor
Renee Ong
Zach Stamp
Gabby Baez
Joe Navia
Michael Stamp
Devorah Merkin
Andrew Tse
Sidney Junk
Rivkah Spolin
Shelly Ben-Yshay
Carrie Pieper
Miriam Reifman
Rose Friedman
Meir Silver
Gleneara Bates
Chavie Fleisher
Assistant Director
Stage Manager
Asst. Stage Manager
Costume Designer
Asst. Costume Designer
Props Designer
Graphic Design
Graphic Design
Director of Business
Legal Team
Production Manager
JT Footman
Chief of Promotions
Betty Leong
Chief of Marketing
Binyamin Bixon
Production Associate
Rikki Jackobson
Marketing Associate
L.R. Wilen
Promotion Associate
Gabbi Chutter
Promotion Associate
Gaby Baez
Marketing Associate
"Mo" Mohammed Rabbani
Marketing Associate
Tiffany Springle
Promotions Associate
Yaakov Bressler (Playwright) is an artist, writer, and student of the sciences. Bressler holds a degree in Chemistry from Brooklyn College and is
a researcher at Columbia University Medical Center. A founder of Brooklyn College’s creative writing magazine Stuck in the Library, he describes
his work in fiction as “his dissertations.” The Golden Smile is his first play.
Joey Stamp (Director) is a director, cinematographer, photographer, and writer. In 2012 he formed a production company with his brothers
aptly named: Stamp Brothers Productions. Originally from Iowa, he moved to NYC to pursue theatre and film. His recent works include: Marley:
A Musical Tragedy, Official Selection at the Cabrini Theatre Festival 2013, and performed at the Waterloo Community Playhouse in 2015;
Eightball, a short play, performed at The Dirty Blondes play festival 2013; American Dream, a short play selected to be performed at John
Chatterton's Short Play Lab 2014; and Psychosis, a short film, Official Selection at the 2015 World Music and Independent Film Festival.
Currently he is Co-Writer of the film CHARLIE which is set to premiere in July 2016. Check out to see more of his
Zach Stamp (Musical Director) is a musician, composer, director, and USMC veteran. In 2012 he formed a production company with his
brothers aptly named: Stamp Brothers Productions. Originally from Iowa, Z Stamp moved to NYC after his service to pursue music, theatre, film,
and stand-up comedy. His recent works include Psychosis, a short film, Official Selection at the 2015 World Music and Independent Film Festival
and Badass, a short film produced in 2015, currently being considered for multiple festivals. Z Stamp is also Director of Veteran’s Day Narrative
(work in progress). Check out to see more of his work.
Rivkah Spolin (Costume Designer) is an award winning costume and set designer. After graduating from University of California Berkeley with a
dual degree in Architecture and Theatre for Costume and Set Design, Spolin moved to NYC with her husband. Her experience includes designing
costumes for an 1870's adaptation of As You Like It by The Glass Eye, Shakespeare 007 and Shakespeare in ACTion by Stages on the Sound. In
May 2014, Spolin was awarded the Mask and Dagger Memorial Prize Winner. To relax, Rivkah enjoys playing tennis, watching Star Trek (and
attending the appropriate conventions), and playing with other people's dogs at the dog park. Checkout to see more of
her work.
Carrie Pieper (Props Designer) is a props designer, house manager, seller of bread, and writer. Pieper currently works as a house manager at
Classic Stage Company. She earned her BA in theater and English from Clarke University in Dubuque, Iowa. At Clarke, Pieper worked on many
shows, holding various roles including props mistress and stage manager. Her work in props work includes shows such as The Caretaker and
Oleanna, both of which were invited productions for the American College Theater Festival. Outside of her work in the arts Pieper works in a
bakery selling sweets to the masses. Otherwise she can be found writing, netflixing, and napping.
Andrew Tse (Stage Manager) is a Hunter College alumnus (BA, ’15) who enjoys composition, music theory, jazz, and opera. He has worked as a
stage manager in previous festivals and venues such as Rise of Mediocrity and Lame Ducks (Venus Adonis Festival 2016), Sole Mates (Bad
Theatre Festival 2015), Clybourne Park (Frederick Loewe Theatre), and Merry Widow (Regina Opera Company). Andrew has performed in
various operatic roles such as Raoul de St Brioche from Lehar's The Merry Widow and Charles Carter from Pasatieri's Hotel Casablanca. He has
also sung in numerous choruses and ensembles for works such as Verdi's Requiem at Carnegie Hall and Handel's Messiah at Avery Fisher Hall.
He can be reached at [email protected]
Sofiya Cheyenne is a recent graduate of the Brooklyn College BFA Acting Program as well received a BA in Psychology. Her performance credits
include Miss Julie (Miss Julie), Swimming In The Shallows (Carla Carla), Rimers of Eldritch (Wilma Atkins), Angels in America (Angel), Dog Sees
God (Matt), and the Gi60 One Minute Play Festival. She has originated the role of Perla Ovitz in the Off-Broadway show The Lilliput Troupe
(2015) and played Perla before that in a show entitled Zwerge (2014). Sofiya has over 20 years of dance experience, including ballet, tap, jazz,
pointe, contemporary, modern and lyrical. You might have caught Sofiya in her most recent docu-series “GET REAL” episode with Refinery29.
Sofiya strongly believes in using the arts as a way to challenge the norms of our society. She hopes to continue to perform and follow her
passions in an effort to open people’s eyes to see that people with disabilities can have an equal chance on the stage, television and film. To see
more of Sofiya visit
Andy McCain (Writer) is thrilled to be making his debut with the Frigid Theatre Festival in The Golden Smile. He is currently studying the core
improv levels at UCB and is in the One Year Conservatory at T. Schreiber Studio & Theatre. Favorite credits include Sir Robin (Spamalot), Clown
#1 (The 39 Steps), Leo Bloom (The Producers), Bottom (Midsummer), Porter (Macbeth) and Matt (Dog Sees God) Many thanks to this talented
cast and crew, Yaakov, Joey, Zack, Flynn, the parental units and the older brother.
Jody Doo (Sarcastic Actor) graduated from Circle in the Square's Musical Theatre program in June 2015. She worked as a full-time performer at
Universal Studios Singapore before relocating to NYC. Since graduation, she landed the lead role for a pilot, The Internet Ruined My Life, which
will premiere on SYFY in early 2016. A big kid at heart, Jody is embracing her role in The Golden Smile with the goal of portraying an absurd and
outrageous “Sarcastic Actor”– her audience, however, should know that beneath the surface is a poised, demure and arguably decent human
being. Jody is most thankful to live her dreams out loud.
Flynn Harne (The Messenger) is a Baltimore native who spent his childhood playing pretend and avoiding any body of water larger than a
puddle. He turned down an offer to play college football in favor of getting a BFA in Dramatic Performance and a Minor in Dance from Hofstra
University. He is the founder of Ampers&, a theatre and film production company based in NYC. He won back-to-back awards for Best
Directing as well as Best Performance in 2015's Midtown International Theatre Festival. Nowadays you can find Flynn playing with swords in his
downtime, writing sci-fi, or riding his bike to work – where he manages an Olympic sized swimming pool.
Robert DiDomenico (Loathing Actor) is a graduate of East Carolina University where he received his BFA in Theatre Arts with a dual
concentration in Acting and Musical Theatre. Prior to moving to NYC last September, he was involved in various collegiate and regional
productions in the NC area. Favorite roles include Doug in Gruesome Playground Injuries, Fred/Petruchio in Kiss Me Kate, and Aufidius
in Coriolanus. Robert is also an Actor Combatant with the SAFD, and an amateur Tuba player. Special thanks to my family and friends for the
incredible amount of love and support they have shown me.
Isaac Boorstin (Angry Actor) is a NYC actor who has performed in Queer Monologues at the Alchemical Theatre Laboratory, The Tempest as
Caliban at Sarah Lawrence College, and Orin the Dentist in Little Shop of Horrors at the Churchill School and Center. Has received a Bachelor’s
Degree in Performing Arts from Sarah Lawrence College, and enjoys tv shows, graphic novels, and video games.
Gavin Bazalar (Critic) – currently studying at the T. Schreiber Studio, Gavin is taking part in an acting conservatory to hone his skills in acting. An
admirer of film and the art of performance since childhood, Gavin decided to journey onto the stage participating in numerous productions
including: One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest (Aide Williams), Murder at the Vicarage (Dennis), I'm Not Rappaport (Gilly), Fiddler on The Roof
(Motel), Death of a Salesman (Stanley), Mass Appeal (Mark Dolson), and The Heiress (Morris Townsend). Gavin continues to strive at being part
of the living, breathing art of theatre. He is truly thankful to have had this opportunity, working alongside such a fantastic cast and crew.
David Cutler (Critic) is an actor whose bio is now complete. During this process, this bio was written and written damn well. One can be
assured of this for certain. David has performed in Alice in Wonderland, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and the Wizard of Oz when he was
but a wee lad in elementary school. In high school, he was in Fools, Don't Drink the Water, God: a Play in One Act, and Rumors. In his first show
at Yeshiva University, he acted in Geography of a Horse Dreamer. He does other things on his free time – ask him if you really want to know
what they are.