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Doing Business in South
September 15, 2008
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South Korea Facts and Figures
Official Language: Korean
Capital: Seoul
Currency: Won
GDP Total (2007 est.): $1.266 trillion
GDP per capita: $24,800
Population: 49 million
Importance of the first contact
Prefer to meet face to face
Use last names and titles
Have interpreter available
Have business cards and all materials
written in both English and Korean
Be punctual and respectful
Cultural Differences that affect
In South Korea, businessmen start with
a contract and negotiate from there.
In South Korea, large industrial
business is generally male dominant.
American businesswomen may find this
When “Yes” doesn’t mean
“Yes”…or “no”
Reluctance to say “no” directly.
May say “yes” when they actually mean
Rather than say “no” they may say
“That will be difficult” or “I will need to
think about that”
Corruption Perceptions Index
10 is the highest and best score
0 is highly corrupt
5 is the border between countries that
do and do not have a corruption
South Korea scored a 5.1
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