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Tennessee Body Farm
• For more than four decades, Bill Bass has
been one of the top death experts in the
United States.
• He's best known for developing the Body
Farm, a 2.5-acre plot of land in Tennessee
filled with some 150 corpses in various states
of decay.
• The farm -- officially known as the Forensic
Anthropology Research Facility -- allows
scientists to study decomposition and make
better estimates of time of death in criminal
What is at the Body Farm?
• They have clothed and unclothed bodies, in the sun
and the shade, in water.
• They're in automobiles, trunks of cars, houses.
• What they’ve tried to do is reconstruct as many
situations in which police find skeletal remains as
Where do they get the
• They have over 1,000 people who have
willed their bodies, actually their skeletons,
to the anthropology department at the
University of Tennessee.
• They also get unclaimed bodies from
medical examiners.
• There is a form that a person can fill out to
donate his or her body, It asks for things like
medical histories, and a picture of the
individual for facial reconstruction.
What is a Body Farm for?
• Places such as the Tennessee body farm help
scientist better understand the way human remains
break down
• This allows scientists to better pinpoint time of death
and other information about murder victims based
on the way a body or skeleton looks, and the types
of insects and chemicals found on the body.